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So Many Cultures, One College Town

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Client Since: 2011

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Prize winning pigs and boutique shopping. Tattoo parlors and Dutch hex signs. KU pride and local spirit.

You must be Keepin’ It Kutztown!

When our neighboring borough of Kutztown was looking for a fresh take on their image and web presence for their downtown initiative, 4O1! was happy to rise to the challenge. With all that Kutztown has to offer, we were thrilled to create a place on the web to inform visitors and draw them in.


Keepin' it Kutztown site

Keepin’ it Kutztown site

Web Development

With access to all of the Keepin’ it Kutztown advertising collateral, it only made sense to have a large image driven carousel on the home page to show off these great assets. Like most of our sites, we built an easy to use, open source Content Management System empowering the organization to make realtime updates on the fly without ever having to be at the mercy of a third party vendor. In addition to the visually pleasing design and powerful CMS, the site also features a custom events calendar, coupon system and blog.


When we first started working with KCP, we didn’t outline any sort of branding element into their web package. However, the client’s willingness to have fun with the project inspired us. As we approached the new site, we created a brand around “Keepin’ it Kutztown.” From there, the logo K inside of a circle with a heart in it seemed to design itself. The playfulness combined with the classic colors seem to represent Kutztown in a way that was sure to attract visitors.



Mobile Development

Today, no site is complete without a fully functional and appealing mobile version. For KCP, we determined early on that their user base was youthful and in touch with modern technology, so we planned a fully adaptive approach from the start. This allowed the entire site with all content to render optimally on smart phones and desktop computers without creating any additional work for the site owner or admin.

KCP Mobile

KCP Mobile

Advertising Design & Photography

Our first task was to come up with a unique way to portray the small town’s historic charm and youthful energy. Our initial pitches included custom illustration, heavily treated photos and straight forward photography with heavily juxtaposed imagery. The last option was chosen and then it was time for some serious preproduction – fortunately scoring a prized pig wasn’t all that hard in Kutztown.

the project would not have been completed without 4O1!
Client Testimonial: The team at Weidenhammer is creative and flexible. They exhibited a can-do approach to getting our branding and web marketing project off the ground. Given the complexity of the task we presented to them, I can honestly say that the project would not have been completed without Weidenhammer Creative. And honestly, how does a marketing campaign incorporate a pig, tattoo, a soft pretzel and a crazy grandma knitting and have it all make sense? It happens with Weidenhammer Creative.”
Geoff BraceKutztown Community Partnership

When all was said and done, our creative department produced a logo, four posters, a collection of original photography and a website with a responsive mobile version.

We’d love the opportunity to show you how Weidenhammer Creative would benefit your company’s marketing needs. To set up a free consultation email Jeremy Jones, Manager of Client Relations: Let’s get started!

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