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Ice Cream Wars 9.0

posted by: Emily on January 31, 2017

Ice Cream Wars 9.0

posted by: Emily on January 31, 2017

9 years, 9 showdowns, 3 wins? Weidenhammer Creative was happy to take part once again in DaVinci Science Center’s Ice Cream Wars. Even as two time champions, we weren’t going to give anything less than our best effort at trying to beat our competition and take home the win.

This year, lead by Cory, we decided that we were going to combine two of our favorite things; candy and video games. Instead of just whipping up a frozen treat that day, preparation for the ice cream showdown began in our office weeks ahead of time, as we brainstormed a flavor and game.

Settling on our take on a ‘dirt cup,’ but foiled by a difficult ban on sandwich cookies we decided that our team’s theme and flavor would be “Creature Clash.” The flavor was a chocolate ice cream with either a graham cracker crumble and gummi worm or a chocolate graham cracker crumble and gummi bear. Each of the choices would be represented in the video game –a giant pink gummi bear battling it out with a bright green sand worm.

Over the course of several weeks, the team designed, developed, and even physically built parts in order to get our video game ready to handle hundreds of excited kids. While we designed and ordered custom t-shirts and buttons, we also built our game controller out of pen springs and legos.

Ice Cream Wars was a nonstop blur of liquid nitrogen, video game votes, and sneaking ice cream samples from the other teams. While the Weidenhammer Creative team was staggered throughout the day, we had full participation from our Allentown office, and a visit from our new friends from Shufflebox.

Which team was winning on the game? It was a pretty close call until the very end of the day, when the gummi worm beat the gummi bear by a hair.

Our table was packed the entire day, mixing up over a dozen bowls of the flash frozen ice cream. We were on our feet, making sure that the kids were getting to try our ice cream and the game.

At the end of the day, we couldn’t wait to find out the results. While we didn’t get first place- top banana went to Air Product’s ‘Chocolated Dusted Banana’ flavor, we didn’t get left off the top! Our team was awarded Best Crowd Interaction by the judges.

What was the best part of the whole day? The leftovers. We took home more than ten bags of gummi worms, which didn’t last very long in our candy-loving office.


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