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New Year, New Services

posted by: Curtis Johnson on January 25, 2017

New Year, New Services

posted by: Curtis Johnson on January 25, 2017

The Weidenhammer Creative team is making lots of changes in 2017! In addition to the acquisition of Shufflebox Productions, LLC. on January 1st, the team has recently employed a new digital marketing specialist, Andrew Woodward. Besides significantly increasing the number of employees at the Allentown office, this also has grown the number of services offered to clients. Weidenhammer Creative now offers full-service digital marketing and video services in addition to the number of creative marketing services available to clients. Clients now have the benefit of a larger team with new, specialized skills and perspectives working on their projects.

Digital Marketing

Our digital marketing specialist helps us strengthen the web presence and impact for our clients. Now, besides being able to build beautiful, functional websites and microsites for our client, we have a considerably increased range of services. Some of the new options include:
• PPC optimization
• Google Adwords Analytics
• Email Marketing Management

Andrew, our digital marketing specialist, brings over 15 years of marketing and technical experience to the team. Our clients can now fully rely on Weidenhammer Creative for integrated digital and creative marketing,

Video Production

The acquisition of Shufflebox Productions, LLC. has vastly expanded the video and photo capabilities of the Weidenhammer Creative team. Having partnered with Shufflebox in the past to bring amazing video productions to our client, we’ve streamlined the process by bringing these services together under one roof. Clients of both Weidenhammer and Shufflebox can be assured of the continued quality and attention to detail they’ve come to expect from both companies, now partnered and strengthened together. Our expanded video capabilities include:
• Video Production
• Editing
• Photography
• Animation and Motion Graphics

In addition to these video production services, Weidenhammer is now able to rent video equipment to our clients. This is something we’re excited to offer, as it adds a completely new dimension to the core services we provide to clients.

We’re very excited that we’re now able to blend our existing marketing and creative services with these new avenues.

To learn more about any of our new services, feel free to give us a call! We’re here to help. Call 610-317-4010 or email Jeremy Jones [email protected]

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