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A Sign of Things to Come

posted by: Emily on February 14, 2017

A Sign of Things to Come

posted by: Emily on February 14, 2017

We apologize for any sign puns, including the title. Really. It’s just too easy to asSIGN jokes to this set of photos. Okay, now I’m finished.

On Monday, the final touches of establishing the Allentown office as a major Weidenhammer location were affixed to the building- an LED backlit sign. Because the sight of a crane at our office caused little-kid levels of excitement for the creative team, we made sure to snap some pictures of the installation.

A few years ago, the Weidenhammer logo and branding was reworked by the creative team in order to match the sleek, technology-focused image of the company.

Another reason that we were so excited to finally get an outdoor sign has to do with a major miscommunication. At least once a week, people come into our office searching for a job placement agency that has long since moved to a new location. The new sign should hopefully clear up some of that confusion, possibly resulting in fewer random visits.

The general consensus around the office is that the sign looks great both at night and during the day, and helps establish the office as a base of Weidenhammer operations. It also increases the visibility of the brand’s name to other companies in the area.

For now, it looks like there’s a pause in construction and rennovation around the Allentown location, but that won’t last long. Soon, construction will get underway for the video production team’s relocation. We can’t wait to see which ways the Allentown office evolves next!

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