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Jeremy Jones
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2008 Addy Awards

posted by: Weidenhammer Creative on March 3, 2008

On Friday, February 29th, The Greater Lehigh Valley Ad Club held the 2008 Addy Awards at the Brookside Country Club in Macungie, PA. It was an evening that we were looking forward to for months as we submitted four different entries in the event, and it will be an evening that we will look back on for years to come, walking away with five awards!

Starting off the evening right, we chowed down on the delicious hors d’oeuvres while looking suave and debonair in our suits (a far cry from the t-shirt & denim combo usually seen around the 4O1! office). Once we arrived at Table #1 our stomachs were soon filled with delicious entrees, followed by cheesecake for dessert which seemed to have attracted butterflies – they were not on the menu, but everyone seemed to have them.

The awards ceremony began with the Bronze awards, of which 4O1! received two; the first for the Napco LLC website www.napcollc.com and the second for the YWCA 2006 Annual Report. Although we didn’t win any Silver awards, we were confident that we would see gold in our future.

The Gold awards were presented and 4O1! was awarded twice; once for the Metallix Refining – Precious Metal Recycling video, and again for the YWCA Week Without Violence website www.ywcaweekwithoutviolence.org.

As the Best of Show awards were brought to the podium, everyone at the 4O1! table leaned in and squinted in order to read the fine print engraved on the side of the award. We were very confident that the award was ours, but we didn’t want to jump the gun. As our hearts started to beat as one and sweat drenched from our faces, we kept leaning closer in anticipation… until it was finally announced that 4O1! won the Best of Show in the Interactive category for the YWCA Week Without Violence website! As we processed this information, it felt like minutes had passed before we got up and accepted our award.

We are very proud of the awards that we won, and are very fortunate that the 4O1! team were recognized for our efforts. Thank you to Andy Kern, Whitney Babyak, Lauren Yura, Tara Johnson, Derrick Weaver and Frank Farrell for being our guests and participating in a wonderful night!

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