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401! Themes

posted by: Weidenhammer Creative on June 27, 2008

Ryan Johnson wins 4O1 Theme Design Competition
It was a rainy Tuesday afternoon when we first thought, “Hey, what if our friends and family could create and submit their own themes?” Needless to say, we were all on board for the experiment that would later be known as the 4O1 Theme Design Competition (catchy name, isn’t it?). E-mails were sent, phone calls were made, and it seemed everyone we talked to was excited to make their own personal mark on the 4O1 website.

Before long, our e-mail accounts were flooded with designs (all 15 of them ;). Some were colorful, some were funky, and some had dismembered bodies (okay, just one), but we loved them all. Once the date had arrived, we sat down together and wrote down our three favorites. Each of our number three picks were given a rating of 1, second favorite picks were delegated a 2, and our top spot was granted a 3. Based on the point system, it was clear that the winner was “Creez La Vie!” by Ryan Johnson. The runner-up, “Purple Rain,” was submitted by Derek Beck, and the bronze was awarded to yet another Ryan Johnson theme, “Got Gold?” Go ahead and check them out in the Theme Picker at the bottom of your screen.

Ryan, age 24, has used his creative talents for a variety of companies and is currently focused on building his own start-up, FatCat Advertising. Currently residing in Davenport (IA), Ryan is the younger brother of 4O1 member, Curtis. We wish him all the luck and look forward to seeing his brand grow.

View some of the other entries in the gallery below! Thanks again to all who took time to design themes. We look forward to hosting another competition soon!

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