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4O1! and Weidenhammer – Form and Function

posted by: Sam on January 11, 2013

4O1! and Weidenhammer – Form and Function

posted by: Sam on January 11, 2013

We’re so excited, and we just can’t hide it! Sorry for the cheesy 80’s song, but that’s how we celebrate at 4O1!, and we want you to get excited with us as we announce our merger with Weidenhammer Systems Corporation!

We see it like this – Weidenhammer’s genius functionality invited our gorgeous creative design on a date, and things got real. After a few dates, it just made sense, our synergies can’t be ignored.

You can read more about our merger in this press release. You can also check out hammer.net  to read more about Weidenhammer and the additional services you’ll have access to now that we’re all one big family.

Our Senior Developer, Devon Beck, explains the process of our merger best: “Throughout the process John [Weidenhammer] has shown himself to be wise, professional and friendly and I’ve never once questioned our decision to merge. I’m very excited to work as a WSC employee.”

His excitement is shared by everyone here at 4O1!. Without further ado, we present the team at 4O1! Creative, a division of Weidenhammer.


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