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4O1! Day 2010

posted by: Brian on April 8, 2010

4O1! Day 2010

posted by: Brian on April 8, 2010

For the 3rd year running April 1st (4.01?!) was declared 4O1! Day in celebration of 4O1!’s 5th anniversary and 5th version of our online playground: www.401creative.com

Fake mustaches, bubbles, and plenty of sunshine set the tone for company holiday & website launch party for the Valley’s favorite creative team, held at Coca-Cola Park in Allentown, home to the Iron Pigs.

Over 150 family, friends, and colleagues showed up to support and celebrate another great year in business. Because of our sponsors, DJ ARI-WHY, and Tom Storm (let’s not forget his bubbles) the night was full of goodies, good vibrations, and some pretty memorable photographs. Event photos by: Michael Donlin

At 5:55, the party’s attendees were ushered under the jumbo screen to commemorate the evening with world-renowned photographer Tom Storm. With the help of photographer Michael Donlin and head bubble blower Clover, Tom was able to capture 4O1! Day in a bubble (yes – a real bubble, no Photoshop tricks here!)

After the evening was all said and done, the world was exposed to two ultra-chic websites (courtesy of 4O1!) :www.401creative.com & www.tomstorm.net

If you missed this year’s party, but you’re starting to catch on that this team is full of fun – don’t worry there’s always next year! (pencil in April 1st on your calendar)

To view all of the images from 4O1! Day visit our facebook page.

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