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4O1! Launches Network

posted by: Curtis Johnson on March 27, 2010

4O1! Launches Network

posted by: Curtis Johnson on March 27, 2010

Now in our 5th year of business, 4O1! Day 2010 sets the stage for Team 4O1! to reveal a project that has been in the works for over a year: The 4O1! Network

This Network replaces our previous website, Ver 4.O1, and acts as a centralized hub to a series of websites that showcases different aspects of our business with the ability to maintain a consistent look through themes and an emphasis on flexibility. Each property has a unique navigation scheme and showcases the use of different web technologies and strategies.

The Network (aka 4O1creative.com)
A simple carousel site that directs users to the different properties within the network. Additional content is hidden within an expandable footer navigation that houses about, service, and contact information. This content is shared on our “blog” site in the expandable header navigation and is controlled by the same content management system.

The Portfolio (Ver. 4.O1… um… Part 2)
Taking the frame work of our previous FLASH based website, Ver. 4.O1, the site now serves as a portfolio showcase of our favorite projects. The site has been aesthetically updated and it’s content is now managed through the same CMS that the other sites in the Network run off of.

“I didn’t want to totally abandon FLASH. The iPhone has been a major factor in the reduced use of Flash in the industry. This is disappointing because as a medium FLASH opens up so many more creative options. We feel it is important to maintain a FLASH presence as there are many practical uses for it in the form of micro-sites, kiosk displays, and interactive games. I can’t wait for our next FLASH project!” – Devon Beck – Lead Developer / Partner

The Blog (aka fourOHone.us)

“Our growing need to provide SEO services for our clients required us to have a playground of our own to test optimization strategies.” – Brian Wcislo, 4O1! Co-Founder

That playground became four OH! one, our new HTML based blog. Originally the brand of our photography services, now fotos by BOCA, the site will serve as showcase of a wealth of content and provide greater connectivity with our social outlets.

The Fotos (aka fotosbyBOCA.com)
Learning about “sustainability” from our friends at Renu Home Builders we realized not everything needed a major overhaul. A new name and a paint job gave our photography website the flexibility to attract new types of clients while maintaining a thematic look that worked with the Network.

A great add on to our core service of web design but also a starting point to enter a new market of revenue.

The Network is so much more than a new site design. With a new theme scheduled every season the site will re-invent itself with a fresh look and implementation of new functionality.

“We’ve always maintained a flexible brand strategy. The Network is just an extension of that. Is it ambitious? Overly ambitious even? Sure. But why not?” – Curtis Johnson, 4O1! Co-Founder

5 years! Wowy wowy wowzers!

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