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Jeremy Jones
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4O1! Not Just a Job… It’s a Culture

posted by: Liz on June 15, 2010

4O1! Not Just a Job… It’s a Culture

posted by: Liz on June 15, 2010

When I found myself laid-off from my highly cherished full-time job in the middle of last summer – I wasn’t quite sure what to do with myself.

Pursue another full-time job?

Go back to school?

Work on my tan?

Needless to say I spent the next two months floating down the Delaware, taking pictures of anything and everything, and ultimately – working on my tan.

Maybe some people will frown upon this choice, deem it irresponsible. Granted, I didn’t have a family to worry about supporting – but more importantly – I knew in the back of my mind where I would go next.

By the end of summer I met with the team at 4O1! to begin our working relationship and see what I could contribute to the group of guys I had admired (from a design perspective ;) – other than some much needed estrogen.

What I ultimately found was a family – unity through humor, music, & most importantly industry standards.

I would soon take over ‘the voice’ of 4O1! – managing social media and filling their eye-catching web designs with juicy words – keeping their audience salivating for more (I mentioned we like to eat, right?)

Now, as I set out to start the next chapter of life, I reflect back upon what I have gained through 4O1! – nearly any designer or creative entity can vouch for the validity of the benefits to being consistently exposed to good design. Inspiration is a powerful tool and an irreplaceable benefit to your own work.

Besides the inevitable process of growth by experience that I gained through my time here – I have a permanent place in my heart and my creative eye for 4O1! Not only does the office convey the fun loving spirit of 4O1! but visitors and clients get an idea of who this team really is. On any given day you can not only find a revolving door of kids and family members, but laughter and music fill the walls of 3736 Broadway daily.

If you look beyond the bare-feet and ‘Yo Gabba Gabba’ playing on the 52” flat screen – you realize that this group gets things done and does it while loving life – and each other.

You’ll still catch me contributing to 4O1! via my online banter and in blog format but my flip-flops are being traded in for stilettos for now. If you need a good mortgage rate – come find me ;)

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