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5 Things I Learned at Tourism Marketing Day

posted by: Corrin Magditch on June 15, 2015

5 Things I Learned at Tourism Marketing Day

posted by: Corrin Magditch on June 15, 2015

Last week, I had the privilege of attending the Tourism Marketing Day hosted by Discover Lehigh Valley at the amazing new Renaissance Hotel in downtown Allentown. This was an excellent opportunity to discuss the impact of marketing right here in our own backyard and share in the struggles/victories that come along with the tumultuous sea of marketing strategies. Our very own Jeremy Jones, Manager of Client Relations, led an actionable session on how you can “up” your content marketing game. Since so many participants have reached out for a copy, we have provided the slides of his full presentation below. You can also download the editorial calendar template he mentioned here.

Tourism Marketing Day June 11, 2015-1-IMG_9375

Here are my top five takeaways from Tourism Marketing Day to improve your marketing & content:

1) Partnership Is More Important than You Know

In the first segment of the day, 30 attendees shared the challenges and solutions they faced in their past year of marketing. The overwhelming majority attributed success to some sort of partnership between businesses. This attests to the power of partnership, not only in our community, but in marketing in general. People want to see you succeed, so why not supercharge, and share that success with someone else. For example, a hotel could partner with local attractions and restaurants to create the ideal weekend getaway.

2) Tap Your Resources

You hired your staff for a reason. Most likely because you think they are the best at what they do and the best addition to the team. Likewise, they know your business the best and probably have some pretty incredible ideas. Reach out to your staff to combat issues within business. One such example was the ever successful ghost tours hosted by the Moravian Book Shop, which was the brainchild of one of their very own managers.

3) Learn Your Audience’s Content Preference

If you are being too diverse in the forms of content you are posting and disregarding the topics your audience prefers, you’re doing it wrong. Not every brand use podcasts, and not every business needs a Pinterest account. Know the types of content and platforms that your audience favors.

4) Dig Deeper into the Story

Jessica Lawlor, Communications Manager for Visit Bucks County, brought up a great marketing tactic: make your story more compelling by digging deeper. By elevating the story and pitching it from a new angle, you are able to captivate your audience more easily. This could be as simple as choosing a nontraditional narrator or as complex as giving the unique history behind your business or product. If you can connect to your audience emotionally, that helps with cultivating a relationship.

5) Change is a Good Thing

If something is not working for you, do not be afraid to change. Whether this is changing your approach to social media, changing your platform, or content, change is okay. It is necessary to constantly be re-evaluating your content marketing strategy. There is no “one-size-fits-all” approach.

For more information on content marketing contact Jeremy Jones, Manager of Client Relations, at [email protected].

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