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And the Winner is… Next Level Challenge

posted by: Brian on July 12, 2010

And the Winner is… Next Level Challenge

posted by: Brian on July 12, 2010

A few months back we mentioned our participation in the Next Level Challenge which is an amazing contest sponsored by the Eastern PA Business Journal and Action Coach of Lehigh Valley. Although the requirements for eligibility were not easy to measure up to and the application process was time consuming the contest attracted numerous successful local business as it’s prize was sweet.

The winner who was chosen by a combination of prescreening by the Business Leader Team (a distinguished panel of local professionals) and an online voting process on www.epbj.com wins a prize package valued at 70k comprising of one years worth of top level consulting and specialized services from some of the areas top professionals a.k.a. the Dream Team.

4O1! was honored to be added to this years Dream Team roster and to provide our expertise in the realm of web design, web development and internet marketing to the distinguished winners.

Since our last update a winner has been selected, our team alignment session is complete and each of the Dream Team members has started individual consultations with the winners.

Before we go any further we’d like to congratulate to the great people at Active Learning Centers for winning this invaluable prize and give you a brief introduction to their company. Active Learning Centers (ALC) is a very unique business which integrates martial arts and child care giving their students an atmosphere that maximizes learning, increases physical fitness, bolsters self-confidence, and teaches self-discipline in a safe and fun environment. Sounds pretty good doesn’t it? That’s because it is. Just ask any of the hundreds of parents who trust them with their children at any of the 3 Lehigh Valley locations. You can learn more about ALC by browsing their website or visiting one of their centers.

Now that you know who ALC is and what they’ve won we’d like to give you a glimpse of how 4O1! plans to help their already thriving business. We started by researching ALC’s current state of web including both of their websites and all of their social media efforts. What we came to find that they have 2 pretty nice little websites powered by a content management system (CMS) with a bit of video integration and overall we’re doing a decent job of communicating who they were and what they do. As we continued to dig we began finding more and more room for improvement.

Below is a recap of our list of recommended enhancements and upgrades:

Web Updates for Active Learning Center Website http://www.alcchildcare.com

  • Re-design and Development of Home Page (define user pathways and break away from interior page structure)
  • Re-structured Main & Secondary Navigation (make site easier to navigate and have less options in one nav structure)
  • Implementation of Contact Forms (allow better data collection and entice visitors to communicate)
  • Unique Headers for Interior Pages (help users differentiate pages and provide most important relevant content
  • Rewrite URL Structure to Include Relevant Keywords (this will help with SEO and back-linking)
  • Update MetaData i.e. page titles, meta tags, meta descriptions & key words (this is the basis for organic SEO. We will structure the back end to allow you to update these straight through your CMS)
  • Create Individual Landing Pages for Each Location (this will help with localized SEO and to speak to parents in that particular area)
  • Develop an archivable blog style news roll (this will help maintain site growth and search engine indexing as well as target secondary key words)

CMS training

  • Training for 2 core ALC members how to use WordPress to update their website

Social training

  • Training for 2 core ALC members how to better utilize Facebook and YouTube to promote their business

Ping’s Party Teaser Page

  • Design, development and implementation of one page website for PingsParty.com

Photography Session

  • Half Day Session on Location
  • Photo Editing

Recommended SEO Service

  • Keyword Research
  • Back-linking Campaign
  • Adword Campaign

To see how 4O1! can help get your online marketing in check contact us for a free consultation at 610.871.0490 or write us at [email protected].

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