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Anja Leaves Us Wanting Moore

posted by: Sam on May 3, 2013

Anja Leaves Us Wanting Moore

posted by: Sam on May 3, 2013

A few of the 4O1! Crew had the opportunity to trek down to Philly this week for the VIP reception of the Senior Art Show at Moore College of Art and Design – and we were blown away.

Anja Leaves Us Wanting <em>Moore</em>... -We were first introduced to Moore when they sent us our favorite intern Anja Gudic, a bright eyed, charismatic young woman with crazy illustration and design skills. Anja is about to graduate, and invited us to come down to her senior art show. Having never been to the Moore campus, I was expecting a few rooms of really cool art hanging and a glass of wine or two. What it was actually like was a maze of some of the most creative art and design pieces I have ever seen. From beautiful gowns to pottery to installations with furniture, video, and even drag queens; we were greeted by dozens and dozens of students who were excited to show off the culmination of their education at Moore and their life experiences to date. And yes, I even got to sit in an installation – I asked first!

We were all super impressed by all of the artists we saw, of course, we loved Anja’s presentation the best. Not to be outdone by her peers, Anja took what could have just been a (KILLER) set of spy-inspired illustrations and made her own installation – casting herself as a (KNOCKOUT) Bond girl, and setting us up with a mission, a disguise, and even a slick getaway car! We are so impressed by Anja that we snagged a copy of her updated resume to ensure it wouldn’t fall into someone else’s hands. Moore is impressed, too – Anja won the Locks Career Center Career Initiative Award AND Best in Show in Illustration.

While we love making our own art and making art for others, sometimes it’s great to get out of our zip-code and see what young artists do when the world is their oyster – what a blast!

Thanks Moore College of Art and Design for inviting us to this show, and a huge congratulations to Anja!

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