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Behind-the-Scenes with Weidenhammer Creative: 2nd Annual Pocono Trail Ride

posted by: Weidenhammer Creative on June 21, 2017

Behind-the-Scenes with Weidenhammer Creative: 2nd Annual Pocono Trail Ride

posted by: Weidenhammer Creative on June 21, 2017

Does this sound familiar? The entire Weidenhammer Creative team packing it up for an entire afternoon and spending time team bonding on bikes. If you think that sounds like you may have heard it before, it’s because we did this same retreat last year. We’ve grown a lot in the past year; we gained a video team, a digital marketing specialist, and an additional 10 or so miles to our bike ride. Supporting our clients is important to us. Beyond just helping them create awesome websites, we try to make an effort to build relationships with them away from the office. This bike adventure let us use the equipment and shuttle services from Pocono Biking, and took place on a section of the Delaware & Lehigh Trail.

Last year, we dealt with a couple of issues that kept us from fully experiencing the trail, starting with missing the shuttle and ending with a flat tire. This year, we were more prepared. As a team, we went 15 miles upriver, and rode back to the Pocono Biking rentals in Jim Thorpe. Despite a mushy, wet gravel trail, the whole team completed the ride (except Matt, who was absent from the trip.)

Weidenhammer Creative at Pocono Biking 2017 -

Our ride started with a visit to “Buttermilk Falls” which came highly recommended by the shuttle driver. Off to a much better start than last year, we were able to take in more of the trail’s site. This was just the beginning of what would turn out to be a very wet bike ride, as trees dripped water and our tires kicked moisture onto our legs and backs.

Weidenhammer Creative Team -Bikers -

Besides bike riding, the team also found some time for cave exploring, rock climbing, and a recreation of our team photo from last year.

CrazyClimbers - CavePeople -

As a team, we’ve always enjoyed the chance to step away from the office and bond as a team. We believe that this makes us a stronger unit that’s more effective at delivering solutions to our clients. Hopefully this won’t be the last year of this tradition, and that it continues to be something that makes the team closer and stronger!

WeidenhammerTeam -
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