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Jeremy Jones
Manager of Client Relations

[email protected]

Vault 634 - The best day of your life begins like any other.

Creating a Local Icon

Vault 634 Unlocked

Client Since: 2013

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The best day of your life begins like any other.

We were tasked with the feat of creating a branding package for Vault 634, an extraordinary wedding and event venue housed in the grandiose Lehigh Valley Trust Building.  Constructed in the early 1900’s, the building features marble fluted pillars, intricate tapestries, and four stainless vaults. From the crystal chandeliers to the marble floors, the beautifully unique space at Vault 634 needed to be represented as the true marvel that it is.


The first step was developing the logo and what better inspiration for the designers than to experience the trust building personally? Photos of the venue were taken and fine details of the classic architecture were studied. It was crucial for the logo to reflect the elegant atmosphere of the Vault. The design team sketched many potential logos, drawing from the stunning architecture itself and using images such as a lion and a vault.

vault 634 branding sketch

After the final logo featuring a lion was chosen, it was refined into a unique word mark until it fit the client’s vision. The Logo Usage Guide and Brand Guidelines were created, outlining terms of how to present the logo properly.


vault 634 brand guidelines

Logo usage guide and brand guidelines


When designing the stationary for Vault 634, it was important to continue with the theme of luxury and sophistication. We incorporated the logo into the letterhead and used the colors gold and black. In addition to the letterhead, we created foil stamped business cards for an extra touch of splendor.


vault 634 letterhead

Business card and letterhead package


Vault 634 had immediate web needs, but due to ongoing construction of the building, we were unable to produce final photography of the venue. We developed a fully responsive “Coming Soon” site complete with mobile version. We are in the current developing stages of a full blown webpage due to launch late 2013-early 2014.

vault 634 website
Weidenhammer shattered our belief that the branding process had to be long and arduous
Client Testimonial: Vault 634, crafted to effectively utilize the gilded architectural elements of one of the region’s most classic buildings, was created to offer clients the highest quality venue for their wedding and event needs. We were worried establishing a strong enough branding package that relayed our core fundamentals via a powerful first impression would be nearly impossible, but team at Weidenhammer Creative showed us there was nothing to worry about.

From the initial meeting Weidenhammer Creative was confident they could deliver such a package, and took the time to delve into our vision of the company. They effectively drew out the important elements of Vault 634 and the physical space itself. Using colors that tied the building into the branding and began crafting custom logo concepts that utilized not only the appearance of the building today but the site’s historical past as a bank.

The initial logo selected required few revisions, and after working closely with the team, we were confident we made the right choice. Weidenhammer then took our branding to the next level with the design of our envelopes, business cards, and stationary. Once again they were able to capture our gilded concepts in physical form: we constantly receive compliments on our classic letterhead and business cards boasting our gold-foiled logo. Weidenhammer Creative shattered our belief that the branding process had to be long and arduous and produced a package that went above and beyond our wildest expectations.

Zac JaindlOwner

The team is looking forward to the grand opening of Vault 634 and the completion and launch of the website. We are fortunate to be a part of this unique project and look forward to the coming success of Vault 634.

We’d love the opportunity to show you how Weidenhammer Creative would benefit your company’s marketing needs. To set up a free consultation email Jeremy Jones, Manager of Client Relations: Let’s get started!

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