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Colonial Parking

posted by: Amanda on March 11, 2014

Colonial Parking

posted by: Amanda on March 11, 2014

Nearly 30 years ago, Weidenhammer developed an app for Colonial Parking that we continue to maintain today. So 4O1! was the obvious company to choose when it was time for a web relaunch. Colonial Parking owns public parking lots in Wilmington, Delaware, the Philadelphia International Airport and West Chester, PA. In addition to their managing their own parking lots, they perform lot construction and development.

The main goal of the site was to help people locate parking lots wherever they may need such as traveling, for example. To achieve this, we created the interactive map, the biggest component of the site. This is how users find parking lots.


To develop a mobile access for commuters to locate parking based on GPS coordinates or landmarks, we created the mobile site to act as an app. The mobile site connects with GPS, and the desktop website allows users to type in an address or search local landmarks for the nearest parking lots, rates and hours. Individual pages for each parking garage were also created so users could view what it looks like, ensuring they were at the correct one.

Another purpose of the site was to raise awareness that Colonial Parking not only owns public lots, but also constructs and develops them. By creating Maintenance and Development pages, we detailed this aspect of Colonial Parking’s business.

Colonial Parking had a stock image mascot that they were looking to develop more. They wanted a friendly symbol to act as a guide on the site. We pitched a few different characters of various styles such as serious and friendly. They decided to go with a more friendly approach and Colonel Parker was born.

Colonel Parker - Colonial Parking

Another great part of this site is the Pay My Bill feature. People with monthly parking passes can pay their bill on the site securely and conveniently. This eliminates the need for paper bills and adds a level of ease.

Colonial Parking has been a very rewarding project for 4O1! We always enjoy working on projects that are outside the norm and the specific features of this site, such as the interactive map and Pay My Bill feature allowed us to explore numerous creative ideas. We hope that the level of convenience we brought to the Colonial Parking site allows customers to have an outstanding experience.

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