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Jeremy Jones
Manager of Client Relations

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Andrew Woodward

posted by: Weidenhammer Creative on January 12, 2017

Andrew Woodward brings over 15 years of experience in digital marketing to the Weidenhammer Creative team. Andrew got his start in digital marketing while working as a web developer at an advertising agency in Boulder, Colorado. Having previously held positions as a marketing director, he has hands-on experience in a diverse range of marketing areas, both creative and technical. He uses his experience to better understand the needs of clients and strives to create “holistic” digital marketing solutions.

Andrew has a degree in communication and currently holds numerous certifications, including multiple Google certifications in digital marketing and PPC:

Weidenhammer’s official “man of mystery,” Andrew spent over five years living and working in Denmark. Actually, we think he may be an undercover agent.

When not busy juggling chainsaws or exploring digital marketing solutions for clients, Andrew spends his time in his homemade analog darkroom, playing with dangerous high-powered tools, and traveling. He is also working towards obtaining his private pilot’s license.

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