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Corporate Identity: Your Brand Is More than Just a Logo

posted by: Jeremy Jones on September 23, 2015

Corporate Identity: Your Brand Is More than Just a Logo

posted by: Jeremy Jones on September 23, 2015

What is Corporate Identity? It’s broad and encompassing and in many ways the foundation of your all marketing activities.

It’s the basis for all publicly available displays of your brand, both visual and verbal, both the tangible and intangible. This includes appearance, messaging, and personality/emotion, and not just for B2C companies either. It can be best described as your client’s perception of your company.

In the visual sense, it is much more than just your logo. It’s also the color palette, type treatment, illustration, photography, and icon set/infographic style. These components help make up the design of any marketing project and together they create a baseline for all future creative endeavors. Without consistency in the visual sense, companies appear disjointed, inconsistent, and without direction.

The verbal component of corporate identity is more often overlooked, and usually more difficult to get consensus on than visual. This includes positioning statements, “about us” copy, elevator pitches, benefits messaging, and the pillars and capstones of the brand. This can be used both on the website and in printed marketing material such as catalogs/brochures, press releases/thought leadership, and on social media platforms.

Why is it important?

Corporate Identity has an indirect yet powerful impact on client/customer decision making. It impacts important business functions such as:

  • Increasing sales
  • Making it easier to recruit/retain talent
  • Positioning your company as an authority

Common mistakes & how to fix them

There are a few reasons why corporate identity is not strongly conveyed, one of the most common reasons being that it is a low priority.  It is also possible that there is nonexistent or limited training of team members for visual and verbal consistency. We also see corporate identity weaken when there is limited adoption or enforcement of the existing guidelines.

Once a strong Corporate Identity is achieved, the work is not over. It requires diligence and constant reevaluation. Use these four stages as a starting place to build up your CI or to gauge your commitment to your current CI.


What should your company be pushing out to the market in its industry? How do you want to be perceived?


Have all components of CI ready before the updated Corporate Identity roles out. This means all supporting files and documentation: logo pack, font kit, samples, and most of all brand guidelines.


Move quickly and inform the entire team, internal and external, that the identity of the company is being enhanced. Identify and eliminate discrepancies.


Enforce your new brand guidelines and reevaluate regularly.

Rate your corporate identity

We have put together a Corporate Identity Assessment for you. You can download it here. This will help gauge where you stand and what area needs improvement. It only takes 5 minutes and requires you to answer the questions as honestly as possible. For information on scoring and grading, please reference the back.

Missed the presentation?

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