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Evolve With Us

posted by: Amanda on April 8, 2014

Evolve With Us

posted by: Amanda on April 8, 2014

Cumulus Consulting Group’s Evolve With Us combined with Weidenhammer’s Hammer Happy Hour made for an eventful Thursday night for nearly 100 of our closest clients, friends and family. Everyone came together at the Da Vinci Science Center and anxiously awaited the unveiling of Cumulus’s new brand name. After several months of planning, designing and keeping our lips sealed, we were thrilled for Cumulus to officially announce that they are now Velaspan.


While the company created a successful business with a respectable reputation as Cumulus Consulting Group, they wanted a name that would represent them outside the realm of consulting. A long list of words was constructed and dwindled down over the course of several meetings. After Velaspan was chosen, we presented the theme “from the clouds, to the stars.” The logo comes from a custom diagram built from the constellation “vela.” The five triangles represent the five partners of the company, much like the Cumulus logo, where there were three curves for the three partners at the time.

The Hunt App

Upon entering the Da Vinci Science Center, guests were prompted to download a wifi scavenger hunt app developed by Scott Baxter of Velaspan, designed and curated by 4O1!. The app displayed riddles that sent guests searching around the Da Vinci Center for the answer. A hidden beacon at the location of the answer allowed guests to confirm that they had solved the riddle.

About an hour into the event, everyone gathered for the announcement. Kerry Kulp and David Bond of Cumulus spoke about the necessity of a rebrand and their experience during the process. A short video played, showing the evolution of the company and for the first time, the name Velaspan was presented with the new logo.


The revelation of the brand name is just the beginning of Velaspan’s new identity. Our next task is to design their new website with a fresh look that displays their full-service offerings and grabs the attention of potential customers. To keep up with Velaspan’s rebrand, visit them on Facebook and Twitter.

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