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How to put your Best New Foot Forward: 6 Must-DOs for Rebranding

posted by: Jeremy Jones on September 16, 2015

How to put your Best New Foot Forward: 6 Must-DOs for Rebranding

posted by: Jeremy Jones on September 16, 2015

The longer that a brand’s been in existence the more likely it’s been considered for a rebranding.  It’s an exciting milestone, but companies should be fully aware of what it takes to successfully reboot a brand.

Even with considerable time and budget put into the project, it’s still possible for a rebrand to fall flat. So, here at Weidenhammer Creative, we put together 6 must-dos when undertaking rebranding initiative.

1) Have a solid vision for the new brand – A company must think through how they want their brand to be interpreted prior to beginning the project. They should define their strengths, weaknesses, the reputation, and their target audience. They are the one’s who have to live with the new brand. A company’s thought leaders should collaborate on where they see the rebranding going – what they envision doing with it, the story it will tell, and the overall impact it will have. It’s essential for a company to have consensus on this before going too far with their marketing team or partner marketing agency.

2) Look to the experts – Find an accomplished creative team to bring the new brand to life. If a company is going to use a design agency to help launch their new brand, it is important they put significant time into researching and finding the right partner. There is nothing more frustrating than working with a creative team who just doesn’t connect with the company’s vision. They should meet with a few different creative agencies and sign with the team who fits best from a personality, experience, and budgetary perspective.

3) Prepare a Branding Narrative – Know the story, tell the story. That means knowing the who, what, where, when and how. Why go through the trouble of a rebrand? People will want to know the story behind the  evolution of your brand. What necessitated the change – a shift in products or services, an update to a dated appearance/message? Be prepared to go into these details. Change is the only constant, but it’s also feared. Your audience may be used to the “old” image, so whether you’re giving the company a facelift, evolving with new services, or going through management changes,  tell your story. Remember to take advantage of all the PR attention and generates great content to throw into your news/blog and social media schedule.

4) Keep your Partners in the Know – Remember to communicate with your stakeholders. If your business has senior partnerships, advisory panels, affiliates, or investors, include them in the upcoming brand changes. It may even be beneficial to elicit feedback from these groups. Partners should be involved, not be left in the dark. This collaboration strengthens  business relationships.effort to include them.

5) Provide a Consistent Appearance – Everything that the outside world sees of you company should be updated. Marketing collateral, advertising campaigns, web presences, social profiles, trade show booths, business cards and letterhead need to be updated. Even small details like email signatures and invoices need consistency. Create a checklist and prepare to show the outside your new brand. Once the new brand is announced, everything should reflect your new identity both visually and verbally.  Avoid having a drawn out transition as this will cause confusion in the market.

6) Get your Team On-board –  Rebranding is not only the responsibility of your marketing team and management. All employees must  embrace your new brand. They need to know the story, how expectations have changed, and what new marketing collateral they should be using. Prep a rebranding elevator pitch for all customer/vendor facing employees to practice.When a client calls, they should be greeted positively with the new brand, not with a groan about the rebranding or a negative tone.

To speak with us more about brand strategy or rebranding, feel free to give us a call! We’re here to help. Call 610-317-4010 or email Jeremy Jones at [email protected]

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