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Jaindl Properties: Not Your Average Website

posted by: Weidenhammer Creative on June 19, 2012

Jaindl Properties: Not Your Average Website

posted by: Weidenhammer Creative on June 19, 2012

What do you get when you take an adventurous client, a hungry design/development team, and AJAX? The Jaindl Properties three-tiered website, which launched on April 24th, marks a first in experimental design techniques by our very own 4O1! designers and developers. We’re excited to share this site and look forward to applying what we’ve learned to upcoming projects.


Senior Developer and all around cool-guy-genius, Devon Beck, attributed the uniqueness of this project to the full use of AJAX (Asynchronous JavaScript XML):

“The style of the Jaindl Properties website is different from others we’ve done before, in part, because of the functionality. JaindlProperties.com functions entirely through AJAX, which creates a unique URL for every page, loading content without reloading the page itself.” Cool-guy-genius adds, “We haven’t really used this tiered-style of design before, so it was great when the idea got approved. Jaindl Properties gave us a lot of creative freedom on this one.”

There’s nothing sweeter than the taste of freedom, especially that of the creative kind. Curtis Johnson, Senior Designer and avid Transformers collector agrees. “It’s always a pleasure to have a client who will let you go beyond the creative cusp.”

Jaind Properties - Inside Page

The Jaindl Properties mission is to exceed the expectations of their customers. With their new website, Zac Jaindl, Chief Operations Officer, admits that his expectations were also exceeded.

“It’s not often that you trust a firm with complete creative freedom and get what you’re looking for, but 4O1! is the exception. Our site not only serves its exact purpose, but the creative directors and designers at 4O1! made sure it was both stunning and unique. They took the reigns on the project from the beginning, keeping our design needs in mind and adding their own creative twist.”

Allison Kratzer, who helped design the logo for Jaindl Properties, understood the importance of the Jaindl family values. “We really wanted to focus on the family history when considering the design for the logo. The shield represents the Jaindl family crest.”

If 4O1! wasn’t already blushing, Zac adds, “Their photographers took the time to fill our site with beautiful, high-resolution pictures, while their creative directors kept open-communication in order to ensure the design process was both quick and easy. 4O1! provides a high-quality product, from website and logo design to corporate photos, and we will continue to use them for all our future multimedia needs.”

A big “Golly, gee!” from us and a hearty congratulations to the Jaindls and their working family at Jaindl Properties on their successful website launch!

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