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Latest Addiction… Pinterest.

posted by: Sam on February 24, 2012

Latest Addiction… Pinterest.

posted by: Sam on February 24, 2012

Just when I felt like I had a good grip on all that I wanted from social media, my friend sent me an invite to Pinterest. So, I sat on it. I read some articles about social curating. I dusted off my old account with the fancy to see if I missed it. (I didn’t.) I went to my tumblr, saw that I hadn’t been on in a bit, and ended up deleting it. I went to my Delicious account and noticed some changes, including my being kicked off for absenteeism. I ate some chips and salsa. I looked at my social folder on my iPhone and noticed I had one spot available from when I deleted get glue.

So, a month after I received the invite, I searched my inbox and clicked the link. I then proceeded to fall in love.

Setting up can be a tad daunting, depending on how many categories of things you want to share. You add a new board for each category – name it, categorize it, and if you like, describe it.

add pin -

I started with three boards, now I have ten. From there, find something you like in your following feed or the internet. Pin it to one of your boards. Someone else may see and repin that something to one of their boards. Simple. For a person like me, this site is great because it allows me to visually organize things like next season’s clothes to buy, recipes for food, drinks for my next shindig, or books I’d like to read.


interest home page -


Some of my friends are using Pinterest to plan their weddings, share their wish lists with others, plan their summer garden, or archive design elements they may want to reference in the future. And some are just using it as a better bookmarking tool. The images are hot-linked to the site where you’ll find the item you’re interested in. And with the “Pin It” bookmarklet, it’s the easiest thing to do. The bookmarklet searches for all images and videos on your current page, then you get to choose which one to pin. The iPhone app allows you to repin, but in order to pin from your smartphone browser there are some special steps you may need to take to get the bookmarklet working. Both the site and the app have super-simple repinning buttons.

pinning -

Whoops… pinned to the wrong board!

edit pin -

I like the social integration with Facebook and Twitter, but haven’t been inclined to share much through those outlets. In fact, I’m not sure if I want those worlds to converge yet. When I poke around on Pinterest, I know I’m in a community of people who just like to like things – I’m not seeing much of the hating that goes down on some of the other platforms. It just feels brighter here. You can follow a user’s every pin, or you can choose individual boards. These will show up in your follow feed, but you can also search all users and categories with the click of a button.

Being followed by people who share your taste is also a bit exciting. I even started a board of my own easy recipes– once a simple apple bake I posted got repinned 11 times! I’m hoping a few others will use some of my wicked-simple hunger fixes.

So, basically I’m hooked on Pinterest. Mobile, laptop, in my mind… I’m pinning things to boards. Are you using Pinterest? Do you think it’s worthwhile, or a time suck?

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