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Make the Most of Your Commute: The Top 5 Podcasts For Marketing Professionals

posted by: Corrin Magditch on July 20, 2015

Make the Most of Your Commute: The Top 5 Podcasts For Marketing Professionals

posted by: Corrin Magditch on July 20, 2015

I may be biased, coming from a background of noncommercial radio in the NPR-sphere, but I find podcasts to be one of the most useful ways to learn something new. They are especially nice when you are commuting to work and want to maximize your time & knowledge.

If you have not experienced the podcasts yet, think of a prerecorded audio version of a blog, magazine or talk show. The subject matter of podcasts run the gamut from true-crime, to influential people, to weird science, to DIY, but recently I have been digging into the world of Marketing Podcasts.  They help me stay current on what’s happening in the fast-paced marketing sphere and maximize my learning time.

Here are some of the best Marketing Podcasts out there and the benefits to listening to each. So next time you are commuting to work, or want to keep up with the latest marketing trends without digging through 20 articles to get the straight facts, try pulling up one of these  (in no particular order).

5) Grow the Dream Show
The site touts that the Grow the Dream Show is a content marketing partner for entrepreneurs, business owners, and their teams”. This newly developed podcast is branded as the podcast for “exponentially growing your business.” Although Content is a buzzword right now, and is on everyone’s mind, the subject matter behind the 21  episode archive reaches into its relationship to social media, branding, marketing, web presence, and even motivational inspiration.  Not only do the show’s three hosts know what they are talking about, but the guests they bring on are some of the best.

I was able to reach out and talk to GTD’s Josh Muccio, a successful entrepreneur and technical marketer, about content marketing and his vision with GTD show.

“Content marketing is tough, especially when you try and tackle it on your own, which we DON’T recommend. So we’re here to help business owners build content marketing campaigns that ACTUALLY work in a measurable way. If you can’t measure the results of content marketing in your business, then why do it?”

4) The Duct Tape Marketing Podcast
This podcast and it’s host, John Jantsch, has been praised as one of the most practical choices in the world of Marketing for small businesses. His fanbase mirrors this sentiment with prime examples of actionable advice and practical marketing solutions.  If that is not enough, he is widely acclaimed and often cited by Forbes, Wall St. Journal, CNNMoney, and New Yorks Times.

I reached out to John to gain some insights on the success of his podcast, and this is what he had to say:

“I started [the] Duct Tape Marketing podcast because I knew it would be useful in connecting me with the big names in the industry. By having a reason to connect with them, I could dig into what made them successful and create a lasting impression. We still continue to bring in successful leaders in the marketing industry and know that our variety of both veterans and rising stars creates a mix that keeps listeners coming back for more.”

John Jantsch is a marketing consultant, speaker and author of Duct Tape Marketing, Duct Tape Selling, The Commitment Engine, and The Referral Engine and the founder of the Duct Tape Marketing Consultant Network.


3) This Old Marketing Podcast
Developed as a tribute to the heritage of content marketing, beyond what we know it to be today, This Old Marketing Podcast blends current content marketing news with past successes and relevant (and quite exciting) rants & raves. The co-hosting relationship between Joe Pulizzi and Robert Rose is entertaining and makes for an extremely easy listen. Imagine listening in on an insightful conversation between two friends who really love marketing. The tried and true format works and at 85 current episodes, there is a stocked archive to pick through,  which comes in handy, especially if you begin binge listening.


2) Startup
This podcast is one of my favorites out there right now in the realm of business and entrepreneurship. Obviously having more power than some of the smaller podcasts out there, being that it was created and is hosted by Alex Bloomburg, previously of PlanetMoney and This American Life , there is a bit of an unfair advantage. However, the stark honesty and humility of this podcast as well as the in-depth nature of anything created by Alex, makes it so easy to listen to and get hook on. One thing to keep an ear turned to is the way that Alex approaches ads. It really puts all other podcast advertising to shame. Our Manager of Photo and Video Services blasted through the archives in no time, demonstrating that Startup is an easy listen.


1) #AskGaryVee Show
The difference between this podcast and the other ones that I listen to is that the #AskGaryVee Show is dedicated to answering your questions. That means that the podcast will most likely be relevant to your needs/questions as we are often times struggling with the same things. It also means it is one of the most interactive podcasts I have listened to. To get involved, or begin listening, I recommend you start from the tag feed on Twitter, where you can actually watch the podcast, making this much different than any of the other traditional podcasts I recommend.


For more podcasts on marketing and business, visit this dedicated Marketing Podcast search engine developed to streamline the search process. For more information on marketing strategy, contact Jeremy Jones, Manager of Client Relations at Weidenhammer Creative.

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