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Making Video Part of Your Social Media Strategy

posted by: Jeremy Jones on July 28, 2015

Making Video Part of Your Social Media Strategy

posted by: Jeremy Jones on July 28, 2015

We understand that content may be a challenge for you. If you find yourself exhausted by the perpetual push to have free-flowing, quality content, you are not alone.

You may have done the research. You may even be on multiple social networking platforms. But are you using each platform to its full extent, and do you have the variety of content necessary to draw in active and engaged followers?

Making video a part of your social media strategy is a great way to boost your social media marketing and diversify your content. From a marketing standpoint, visual content is a powerful way to communicate quickly with your target audience. Just take a look at these active stats:


Video Impacts Buying Graphic


If you still are not a believer, just think of the impact that the #ALSicebucketchallenge video campaign had on social media. Between June 1st and August 17th of 2014, Facebook reported 2.4million videos were shared with this tag. 28 million users joined in on the conversation (socialbakers). While this social success is important, what is equally as important is that these interactions resulted in raising over $100 million for the ALS association during the span of the video campaign (International Business Times).

Facebook has responded to the increase in posted visual content by adding the autoplay feature, a nonintrusive way for brands to further engage with their audience without interrupting their experience. Twitter has launched its own 6-second version.

Here at Weidenhammer Creative, we believe that keeping up with social trends is an important part of enhancing your Social Media Marketing Strategy. A video is a great way to capture your audience quickly and humanize your brand.

Here are a few tips from Andrew Tomasino, Manager of Photo and Video Services at Weidenhammer Creative:

  • -It doesn’t need to be hard.  It is supposed to be fun and simple! Don’t make it more difficult by overcomplicating your video content.
  • -Provide a different perspective. Viewers may already have a firm understanding of your brand and services, instead, show them something they wouldn’t normally see. For example, give viewers a tour of your facility, or show them the full process used to make a product.
  • -Put the viewers in your shoes. A behind-the-scenes, real-time look at your brand. This is something that a viewer cannot get from another source.
  • -Up the WOW factor! This is your opportunity to show why your brand is unique.
  • -Short, sweet, & to the point. With the emergence of Instagram’s 15-second videos and Vine capping out at 6.5 seconds, there is no need for lengthy videos.

Just as it is important that you consider the types of content you are demonstrating in your videos, It is equally as important to think about preparation for filming.

Prepare a script. No one wants to watch a video peppered with “ums”, “ahs”, and pauses. Likewise, you want to make sure you get as much information to your viewers in the shortest amount of time possible. Preparing what you want to say ahead of time allows you to make edits and get feedback before you record. It will also make you sound more comfortable to your viewers.

Use the Equipment You Have. You do not need to have state-of-the-art equipment to get started. Most smartphones are equipped with high-quality video and audio capabilities that are perfect for getting you started.

Create a Set. This can be as simple as consistently recording your videos in a dedicated portion of your home or office. Again, you do not need millions of dollars to make a video look professional. Experiment with lighting and backdrop and make sure you minimize distractions/background noises.

Have Fun! Your viewers will be able to tell if you are tense. Take a few minutes before getting started to have a little fun and relax. Setting the tone before you start filming will be evident in your final video.

For additional resources on implementing video into your social media strategy visit MarketingProfs and Uberflip.

Infographic sources: B2C | Digital Insights


To speak with us more about social media strategy or video content creation, feel free to give us a call! We’re here to help. Call 610-317-4010 or email Jeremy Jones at [email protected].

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