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Matrix Mannequin Mania!

posted by: Brian on September 23, 2010

Matrix Mannequin Mania!

posted by: Brian on September 23, 2010

We need your Vote!

It really takes less than a minute and all voters are automatically entered to win a $500 matrix gift package  ;)

So here’s the deal… Our good buddy & amazing hair stylist Nathan Rosenkranz of Patrick Mcivor Color Studio has made it to the finals and is ready to be crowned one of THE FIRST-EVER MATRIX MANNEQUIN MANIA MASTERS! With your help of course.

Nate worked tirelessly to create a hand made wig that is nothing short of spectacular. “The inspiration for Ava was 1920’s and 1930’s movie stars with a contemporary edge. I wanted to create a look of finely sculpted hair where the inspiration was undeniable,” says Nate.

Once every last hair was in place Nate, his lovely stylist Carla Villani-Damrose and talent understudy Lori met up at 4O1!’s Design & Photography Studio in West Allentown to capture Ava’s throw back hair piece on camera. Two styles were shot, one made it to the finals.

Now we’re looking to our friends, family and anyone else who has an email address or unlimited texting to help us claim the $25,000 prize, a day with Tabatha Coffey and best of all see Nate in a crown! Heals aren’t out of the question either ;)

To vote by email please visit the following link: NATE IN HEALS AND A CROWN and click VOTE FOR THIS MANNEQUIN!

To vote by phone: Text NATE to 49737

Thanks for your support!

Your boy blue =b

Wanna here Tabatha’s thoughts on the MMM contest?

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