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Musikfest 2012 Poster

posted by: Weidenhammer Creative on September 10, 2012

Musikfest 2012 Poster

posted by: Weidenhammer Creative on September 10, 2012

Dawn broke over the White House. Inside the people were frantically trying to solve the United State’s most dire problems. From the doorway of the oval office a woman spoke out above the chaos: “Mr. President, we need an answer on this years Musikfest poster!”

The president stopped what he was doing. He had been pushing the project off, but he now knew that this important task could wait no longer. He had made up his mind months ago and knew there was only one group who could accomplish the task. His voice rang out “Get me 4O1!” …

…Okay so maybe it didn’t happen exactly like that. In reality what happened was equally as exciting but not soaked in so much drama. It was morning and we did get a call. However it wasn’t from the president; it was from ArtsQuest and it only felt like an all-important call from the Commander in Chief.

4O1! had yet again been tasked with designing the poster for 2012’s Musikfest, an annual 10-day music festival put on by ArtsQuest. The team got straight to work and you could smell the excitement! After hours of brainstorming ArtsQuest and 4O1! had narrowed the poster down from 100 ideas… to 50… to 10… to 5… and after many cups of coffee we had our poster! It was then passed around the office so that each person could have a chance to groom it, each time improving the poster in some way. After everyone had their opportunity to be a part of the creative process we were proud that we were able to capture the spirit of Musikfest, bringing together all of the things that make Musikfest so unique. And we feel that the final result is something everyone can enjoy.

Musikfest Poster 2012
4O1!creative Get Directions