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PaintPro v.1.0 Review

posted by: Amanda on August 30, 2013

PaintPro v.1.0 Review

posted by: Amanda on August 30, 2013

As graphic designers we’re always on the lookout to build upon our resource library and 4O1! Creative Director, Curtis, is always on the hunt.  He recently came across the Photoshop Actions Plugin PaintPro v.1.0 when he was perusing the week’s new releases at Creative Market. The plugin has two actions (variations on the brush thickness; a thicker stroke that works better for pet photos and a finer stroke to be used for people and landscapes, etc.) that convert your photos into gorgeous oil paintings.

Photoshop actions can be incredible teaching tools as they usually perform the steps one at a time, allowing the user to witness the technique and also adjust the effect if desired. Unfortunately PaintPro does not pause throughout the action but you can still experiment with each step individually should you choose to.

Curtis tested out the new tool on our company head shots and what was really impressive is the effect it has on hair and clothing.  Although it takes just seconds to create with the action the result gives the feeling of a original digital painting that would take days to create.  PaintPro works best on higher resolution images and the effect can look a bit muted when you reduce the size for web.  Even the sample images below don’t convey the effect properly (click on the images to see the detail).

We could see PaintPro employed effectively to custom photography on a print campaign or full screen websites.  We look forward to experimenting with the plugin more on landscapes and textures.  Perhaps it will pop-up in a future project. Or two.

 Creative Market is a great resource for graphic designers and provides free downloads weekly.  PaintPro v.1.0 is available now for $4.

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