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Manager of Client Relations

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Palram Launches New Website and New Product

posted by: Jeremy Jones on October 28, 2016

Palram Launches New Website and New Product

posted by: Jeremy Jones on October 28, 2016

Coinciding with the launch of their new product, Mirrite, Palram announces the launch of a new website. The site was designed and implemented through a partnership with Weidenhammer Creative, a dynamic marketing agency located in Allentown, PA.  Palram, a global manufacturer of poly carbonate and PVC sheets and panel systems for roofing and cladding applications is entering the outdoor flooring market with their new product, Mirrite.


Mirrite PVC Exterior flooring is a revolutionary newcomer to the outdoor flooring industry. Cooler stays cooler than real wood, doesn’t degrade or stain like regular PVC flooring, and lasts longer. What really distinguishes Mirrite from the competition is how believably real it looks. Unlike other wood-alternative deck options, Mirrite features computer duplicated woodgrain based on real wood planks.

The website, meant to complement the new product, features large photos of the product in use and clean, bright visuals. This demonstrates just how closely Mirrite decks and outdoor floors resemble wood. In creating the site, it was important that the amazing visuals of the product were highlighted. An interesting feature that helps demonstrate this is the “inspiration gallery” where prospective customers can see how Mirrite appears when built into decks, and in the products section, where the different finishes can be compared.

“It was fun to add in animated effects while developing this site,” said Senior Developer Lee Gustin. “Adding those elements helped make the user experience as interesting as the visuals.”

Besides the stylized design, the site is fully responsive. The design was implemented with user experience in mind, so it features a streamlined, easy to follow navigation.

To browse the samples and site, please visit mirrite.com

About Weidenhammer Creative

Weidenhammer Creative is a dynamic marketing agency composed of artists, strategists, code monkeys, and typeface junkies, all blended into the perfect formula of marketing awesomeness. Viewing each project as their next masterpiece, Weidenhammer Creative designs, builds and enhances inspiring brands. As part of Weidenhammer Corporation, a IT services firm with over 35 years of experience, their strategic planning, design sensibilities, and custom programming capabilities offer world class marketing and commerce solutions. Learn more at weidenhammercreative.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

About Palram

For over 50 years Palram has been a global leader in manufacturing extruded thermoplastic sheets. This production and application experience is expressed in an extensive product offering that includes architectural panel systems and finished consumer products. The sheets, manufactured mainly from Polycarbonate and PVC, are designed to suit a diverse range of applications in various markets: DIY, construction, architectural projects, sign and display, agricultural, glazing, and fabrication. Palram panel systems are offered as part of the company’s advanced products and services bundle for the construction and architectural markets. A variety of finished-products are marketed through DIY chain stores across the globe

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