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The Weidenhammer Creative Group’s Top Photo Editing Apps

posted by: Weidenhammer Creative on August 12, 2016

The Weidenhammer Creative Group’s Top Photo Editing Apps

posted by: Weidenhammer Creative on August 12, 2016

“Doing it for the ‘gram,” selfies, #tbt, and the ubiquitous mirror shot; there’s no denying that Instagram has been a cultural phenomenon. Six years after its launch the app still enjoys mass popularity and influence. Businesses (including us) are now using the app to give followers a peek behind the scenes and update them on office goings-on. While there’s a full suite of editing tools available on Instagram that most people find completely adequate for editing their photos, many of the more photography savvy take their pictures elsewhere before posting them. Making GIFs, changing elements, and cropping random beach-goers out of your vacation shots isn’t something you have to sit behind your computer to do anymore. We asked the most active Instagram users in the office to give us our top picks for best photo editing apps, and they seemed to have some things in common. User friendliness, lots of options, and the ability to export images at high resolution were all things that they seemed to want in their apps. Without further ado, the Weidenhammer Creative 2016 picks for best photo editing apps:

This Week’s Pick: Prisma

         Prisma is the hottest pick of the week. A relatively new app, Prisma does an acceptional job of applying Photoshop-like filters to your photos. It allows users to apply inventive, artistic effects to their photos. Unlike Instagram, it depends on users uploading their photos to a server and then re-downloading them, rather than making edits locally. Some of our favorite filters are tears, lone wolf, mosaic, and Heisenberg (yes, that Heisenberg). Pro tip: you can remove the Prisma watermark in the settings.

photo editing app

Francesca’s Pick: PicsArt Photo Studio

Featuring hundreds of editing tools and a drawing feature that our graphic artist loves, PicsArt is one of the most interactive photo editing apps available. Totally free, Francesca chose the app due to it’s amazing photo editing ability. “It has the most robust tools system of any app I’ve used,” she said. “And it has a clone tool, which is huge. That’s something that you only see on things like Photoshop.” She gave us the example of taking a picture of someone on the beach and then noticing a random person in your otherwise perfect shot. Using the clone tool, you can remove them from the picture entirely.

photo editing app

Curtis’ Pick: IMGplay

IMGplay is a free animated GIF maker. Using photos or bursts, it creates interesting GIFs that can be directly posted to Instagram. It also allows the GIFs to be exported as videos. Curt likes to put his own unique sping on the app. “I like to run the same image a bunch of times through a bunch of different Prisma filters and then create a GIF of one image cycling through those filters,” he explains. The app also allows you to take the watermark off of the GIFs in settings, and unlike many other apps, this option is free.


Lee’s Pick: Rollworld

Rollworld is an app that allows you to give a “little planet” or “tiny world” effect to your photos. The app allows you to upload from your library or take photos through the in-app camera. “Usually,” says Lee, “you have to use Photoshop to composite images together to get this kind of effect.”

photo editing app

Andrew’s Pick: Hipstamatic

So what does our official photographer use when he turns to Instagram? One of the older available photo editing apps, Hipstamatic is his app of choice. The app applies the look of analog photography to pictures taken on phones. With hundreds of combinations of film presets and lens options to use, the app still has simple, user-friendly interface. “The really neat thing about Hipstamatic is that I can upload photos from my Fuji and edit them on the app.” Andrew goes on to explain that the functionality is also excellent, “You can also export the images in full res, which may be kind of a technical point.”

photo editing app


If you’re trying to get a little more serious about your business’ photography or visual appearance, we can help. Call 610-317-4010 or email Jeremy Jones at [email protected].


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