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Project Cinco Retrospective

posted by: Curtis Johnson on March 24, 2010

Project Cinco Retrospective

posted by: Curtis Johnson on March 24, 2010

Shortly after 4O1! Day 2009 the wheels started turning in our collective brains on what 4O1!’s next step should be. As motivation we dubbed this unknown entity as Project Cinco. A logo was created and teased throughout the year in our LV Style ads and our newsletters. Most never even noticed while others assumed it hinted at 4O1!’s fifth site. However, a new website was only one of the many ideas thrown around as “cinco” actually referred to 4O1!’s upcoming fifth anniversary of business.

In the end Project Cinco evolved into the strategy behind the 4O1! Network, a series of websites that showcased different aspects of our business with the ability to maintain a consistent look through themes and an emphasis on flexibility.

What were some of the other ideas in the mix? Maybe you’ll find out next year. ; )

Below is a showcase of how we teased Project Cinco throughout the year:

Fun Fact: Halfway through the year we flipped the “i” in Cinco upside down to keep consistent with our patented over usage of exclamation points!!!!

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