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Psychology & Marketing Series: Consistency

posted by: Corrin Magditch on August 9, 2016

Psychology & Marketing Series: Consistency

posted by: Corrin Magditch on August 9, 2016

Maintaining brand consistency is important in establishing the image of your company as an authority and as a material object. In Part Three of our series on Marketing & Psychology, we will be talking about Consistency. As mentioned in Part I on Authority, in order to establish credibility, it is important to never misrepresent your product, service, or brand. This directly ties into today’s topic.

Consistency in Marketing

People align themselves with clear commitments. This means that it doesn’t go unnoticed if you slip up on consistent lingo in your positioning statements or even in replies to comments on social media. Consistency is key in creating brand awareness.

Consistency marketing could be broken down, as many marketing components can be, to visual and verbal. This means both the look and feel of your business. It requires constant diligence to keep up a consistent corporate identity. For more information on what components should factor into your visual and verbal corporate identity, visit our blog post. IF you slack on your efforts to maintain consistency, your customer base will notice and it can be quite difficult to earn back their trust. Alternately, increased efforts to maintain consistency could lead to brand awareness, and increase potential sales.


Shifting Priorities:

As your company grows, a shift will occur that takes you out of your marketing game and forces you to focus on customer satisfaction. Planning ahead will allow you to take on this shift and still maintain the consistent marketing to continue brand awareness and increase your customer base. Yes, it is important to take care of the customers you have, but you also want to put your brand in the mind of the customers you want.


Social Consistency:

Consistency is particularly important when developing a social media plan. It shows a lack of planning and social consistency IF you post on social media once a week, and then disappear. Thankfully, there are tools put in place to make it easier to have a consistent presence on all social media platforms you plan on infiltrating. Services like Hootsuite, make it possible to plan and schedule out your posts across social media platforms weeks in advance. This also gives you the opportunity to pepper in spontaneous social posts, honing in on strong social opportunities when they happen.


No Quick Fix:

Just like with exercise, a marketing plan takes time and effort. Planning and implementation is important, and so is sticking with it even it you are not seeing immediate results. It you put in the work, you will reap the rewards. Likewise, beware of anyone who promises you quick and cheap results in your marketing without putting in any work.


Ask For Help:

Sometimes starting off is the hardest part. Other times, you will run into a marketing snafu that you are unsure of how to navigate elegantly. Rather than panicking, abandoning all efforts, and trying to start again, call on the help of a dedicated marketing team who can assure you what you are doing is right, or steer you in a better direction.  Knowing you are doing the right thing, and further developing your plan, may be exactly what you need to move forward with a strong and profitable marketing plan.

Consistency helps you become a strong contender in your industry and allows people to think of you as a legitimate brand. It also helps you convey your mission and attitude, manage perceptions, eliminates conflicting beliefs, protects your on-going efforts, and builds upon your previous success. Whether you are just getting started, or want to develop a more consistent plan to make marketing your priority, we are here to help you get back on track.

To speak with us more about marketing strategy, feel free to give us a call! We’re here to help. Call 610-317-4010 or email Jeremy Jones at [email protected].

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