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Jeremy Jones
Manager of Client Relations

[email protected]


Your message has the potential to reach millions – we have the expertise to
deliver no matter what medium.

Consumers and businesses are connected more than ever before. We are in an age of transparency, and wherever you are, your customers will find you. But are you ready to be found? Will your website match your marketing materials? Do your social media accounts have appropriate content and graphics? Is your identity consistent across all digital outlets? It’s never been as important as it is today, and as consumers become more educated, they become more discerning.

That’s where Weidenhammer Creative comes in – with our multitude of services, we can help you with a consistent branding strategy, beef up your marketing collateral from business cards to brochures, and design and develop a best-in-class website to rival players at the top of your industry.

  • Digital Marketing

    We combine discipline, strategy, creativity, and seamless execution to achieve results for our clients. Our innovative strategies help you break free from the pack, shorten the sales cycle and reach new markets. We’re a vertically integrated agency. We do it all, and we do it exceptionally well. Learn more here!

  • Marketing Strategy

    We help our clients to establish goals, craft a playbook, implement indicated marketing tactics and analyze the results. A marketing strategy is never finished. It grows, it evolves, it’s constantly refined. Learn more here!

  • Branding

    Does your brand identity accurately define your organization? A brand is more than a pretty logo (although that never hurts). Your brand is your visual voice, a mark that defines your core values and your corporate culture. Learn more here!

  • Content Marketing

    You know your company, your industry, better than anyone, but writing is still a bottleneck because good copywriting isn’t your specialty. But thats ok, you can focus on running your business and we’ll work on getting your voice. Learn more here!

  • Interactive

    Over the years we have remained on the forefront of design and programming trends. From CSS to JavaScript, we have the technical know-how and design sensibility to make your organization shine. Learn more here!

  • Photography

    High quality original photography adds tremendous value to any marketing medium. Whether you are looking to communicate through web, print, or video great photos will elevate your final product. Learn more here!

  • Video

    Our team can shoot on location or in a studio depending on your needs. Most of our productions are shot with a 2-5 man team and captured on state of the art HD cameras. Learn more here!

  • Illustration

    Illustration can represent what photography cannot, and we can provide sleek, fun, or high impact digital and traditional illustration for your product or service. Learn more here!

  • Print

    Does your brochure match your company’s website, letterhead, and business cards? Giving customers something they can touch, and take home is an opportunity to connect with a client when you can’t be there. Learn more here!

We’d love the opportunity to show you how Weidenhammer Creative would benefit your company’s marketing needs. To set up a free consultation email Jeremy Jones, Manager of Client Relations: Let’s get started!

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satisfied clients
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2016 projects
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