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Jeremy Jones
Manager of Client Relations

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You will be judged from the moment they lay eyes on you.
We'll make sure you are all buttoned up and looking like a million bucks.

Does your brand identity accurately define your organization? Branding is more than a pretty logo (although that never hurts). Your brand is your visual voice. A mark that defines your core values and your corporate culture. It’s your attitude bundled into a cohesive marketing package. We understand this and can help you effectively communicate your message with your audience.

Logo Design

After learning about your business, we’ll work together to create several versions of a custom logo design that embodies your company. We’ll then make changes based on your feedback and move forward with the final design. The finished product will be a one of a kind logo that will make your company stand out.

Brand Positioning

Even more important than defining yourself as a company, is relaying who you are to others. Developing a strong brand takes expertise and a lot of outside-the-box thinking. We take the time to capture everything you have to offer and show consumers that you are the best choice to satisfy their needs.

We’d love the opportunity to show you how Weidenhammer Creative would benefit your company’s marketing needs. To set up a free consultation email Jeremy Jones, Manager of Client Relations: Let’s get started!

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