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Jeremy Jones
Manager of Client Relations

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Where world-class strategy, technology and creative talent collide.

Digital Marketing

A successful digital marketing strategy can be a game-changer for a business when it’s successful.  One of the keys to success in DM is having a deep understanding of the differences between traditional and digital marketing, because the rules have changed – a lot. 

Key metrics for Allergy Eats

Key metrics for Allergy Eats

Strategy and Analysis

A successful core strategy doesn’t just happen. We use deep analysis and real-world data to understand where your leads and customers spend their time (and money) online. Leveraging the power big data, we figure out what they want, and then how to reach them. We set aggressive KPIs and design killer campaigns, measuring everything along the way to ensure that we’re meeting and exceeding expectations. Our process is transparent.

Tactical Content

Content marketing is incredibly important, but it has to be the right content. It needs to tell the story the correct way to engage your audience, satisfy the search algorithms, and accomplish your goals. Properly optimized content is unique, sharable, and above all – useful. Our team understands what Google is looking for, what customers and leads are looking for, and what drives clicks and encourages sharing. Doing content well keeps your ad cost low, and your click-through rate high.


Having killer content is great, but making sure your customers can find the content is actually even more important. Before we ever launch a campaign, we make sure that landing pages are fully optimized and that the surrounding content fulfills all of the current industry best practices for optimization and mobile friendliness.


Search Engine Marketing is no longer about advertising based on specific keywords. Your website, PPC ads, content, social channels, branding and strategy all have to be aligned. A.I. algorithms no longer care about specific keywords – they care about the user experience. When it comes to designing a user experience, you’ll be in good hands with the UX experts at Weidenhammer Creative. That’s our jam. It’s what we do. We’ll take your search engine marketing to an entirely new level.

Call 800.345.2221 now to speak with one of our digital marketing gurus.


We have a motto here in the office that goes: “Click bait out of the gate.” It means that we design ads for maximum click-through rate from the moment a campaign launches. We don’t run countless A/B tests “experimenting” with ad variations that cost you time and money. We optimize during the first few days of a campaign run. In fact, by the time we present the first campaign report, your campaign has already been optimized!

Then we “rinse and repeat.”


Have you ever noticed how certain ads seem to follow you around the Internet? Yup – that’s us doing what is called “retargeting.” Actually, we bake the retargeting functionality into every campaign we run for our clients. Those lists, built from actual customer visits, eventually become the most powerful, valuable asset a company can have.

Call now. Let’s talk about how retargeting can help your business: 610.317.4010

We’d love the opportunity to show you how Weidenhammer Creative would benefit your company’s marketing needs. To set up a free consultation email Jeremy Jones, Manager of Client Relations: Let’s get started!

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