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Jeremy Jones
Manager of Client Relations

[email protected]


It is so much more than the camera and the megapixels. High-quality visual solutions to perfectly collaborate with the design process.

Great photography goes beyond the capability of human language. Images have the ability to engage the audience and evoke emotion, often times conjuring up more feelings than words. We’ll shoot the right ones for your business.


Original Photography & Retouching
The spoon does not make the chef, so why should the camera make the photographer. We were built to make high-quality, original photography a part of your branding strategy. With years of professional shooting experience under our belt, backed by our retouching expertise,  we’ve successfully covered the spectrum of portraiture, product, environmental, and architecture, as well as full advertising campaigns.


We give a face to your brand with our high-quality, professional portraiture, so your clients know just who they are working with. Making the whole processes as comfortable and easy as possible results in a portrait worth displaying to your clients.


We make the lifeless come to life. You should not have to show your customer a flat image of your product. Especially after all the time and energy that goes into forming your brand. We take care to achieve the best possible image of your products by utilizing color, gesture, and light. The final product is one that will truly take your breath away.


Environmental photography can give your clients access to your surroundings, heightening their familiarity to your business. Environment can also be implemented into portraiture to illustrate the location where you conduct business and illustrate the surroundings.

We’d love the opportunity to show you how Weidenhammer Creative would benefit your company’s marketing needs. To set up a free consultation email Jeremy Jones, Manager of Client Relations: Let’s get started!

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