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Jeremy Jones
Manager of Client Relations

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What if your best sales person could give a perfect pitch every time, anywhere
in the world, to multiple audiences simultaneously, twenty-four-seven?

Weidenhammer Creative Video Production Reel -

The time for video is now.

Video gives your business the opportunity to reach your audience quickly and effectively. You can say much more with a short video than a few paragraphs of plain text. We’ll make your video stand out among the masses.

Squid -

Video Pre-production

Pre-production is the first of the three phases of production and often is the most grossly overlooked. During this phase, we help you identify the goals and objectives of your video and define your target audience. This is of key importance, as everything from here on out should be done with your specific audience in mind. The tone, the pace, the actors, the style, and other aspects of the production must be geared to the temperament, attitudes, and interests of your intended audience. Our staff will help you develop a strong production plan, a detailed project timeline, and a solid production team to execute the plan.

Video Production Still -

Video Production

Once all phases of pre-production have been completed and approved, it’s time to shoot your video. Our team can shoot on location or in a studio, depending on your needs. Most of our productions are shot with a 2-5 man team and captured on state of the art HD cameras. In addition to high quality cameras, lighting, and audio equipment, you need a crew who know what they are doing and how to communicate with your talent. Our experienced network of professionals will be sure to show your products, services, and facilities in the best light possible.

Victaulic -

Digital Editing & Motion Graphics

After capturing your stunning, HD footage, we will organize and edit it into a short, powerful marketing tool that is sure to set you apart from your competition. The post team, consisting of editors, voice over talent, audio engineers, and motion graphics artists, will create a narrative that is both engaging and informative to the viewer. We can also work with your preexisting footage to get more mileage out of your investment.

Branding Image -

Encoding & DVD Authoring

Whether you’re looking to distribute your video online, at a trade show or by direct mail, our creative team has you covered. Our team can encode your video into just about any file format necessary and help you post it on the web or design a custom DVD package and program an interactive DVD menu.

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We’d love the opportunity to show you how Weidenhammer Creative would benefit your company’s marketing needs. To set up a free consultation email Jeremy Jones, Manager of Client Relations: Let’s get started!

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