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Shooting with Style

posted by: Brian on August 23, 2010

Shooting with Style

posted by: Brian on August 23, 2010

Over the last few years 4O1! and Lehigh Valley Style have developed a strong relationship working in tandem to build a web based publishing platform that compliments Style’s already successful print publication.

Although we have worked together on a monthly basis on the web side of things we had never collaborated on any photography, that was until we received a last minute call a few months ago to help cover an upcoming decadent dish editorial spread. The shoot was at a local family owned Greek restaurant called Yanni’s Taverna, which I had never heard of until that day. It turned out to be quite a nice local spot with an airy Mediterranean atmosphere, friendly staff and delicious ethnic food.


Since that shoot we have had the pleasure of shooting several events and editorials spreads for the great staff of the Valley’s favorite lifestyle magazine, Lehigh Valley Style. One of the most noteworthy were covering several locations for “Our Favorite Things” in which I got to shoot the Style girls at Edge in Bethlehem. Shooting several lovely ladies in a classy local environment sounds right up my alley until the day came and I was bed ridden and felt deathly ill all week. Nonetheless I sucked it up, packed up my gear and shoved off to Bethlehem, cold sweats, spins and all.

Fortunately Pam and Lisa had been on a few shoots in their day and managed to help me pull everything together to capture the fun image you see below. Thanks ladies =)


Additional noteworthy locations I discovered while shooting this editorial spread were Fogelsville Inn off route 100 and Tilghman St. where we are now regulars and Tranquil Tea House in downtown Easton. Images from both places can be seen in the carousel.

After all was said and done we also got a call back to cover the White Party at Steve Tobin’s Studio in Quakertown. This event was put together by ArtsQuest to benefit Musikfest. Although it was hot inside it turned out to be quite a nice event and I was turned onto a brilliant local artist who had surreal life-sized garden environments made out nothing but metal letters, rooms full of mannequin arms and dinosaur sized steel sculptures that decorated the immense lawn. If your looking for a quick and artistic escape from reality I’d recommend getting yourself over to Tobin’s studio asap.


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