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Social Predictions

posted by: Shaun on January 18, 2010

Social Predictions

posted by: Shaun on January 18, 2010

2010, the year of ____. Well last year had vampires, zombies, and Facebook. So what if they didn’t originate in 2009 – they were all catapulted to new heights leaving ninjas and MySpace in the dust.

Now that a new year is upon us, what should we expect to take off? That is the name of the game right? Predict the popular before the popular emerges. While predicting the positive might present some challenges, anticipating the downfalls could be much easier. 2009 virtually brought an end to the once social media powerhouse MySpace and we are predicting a few others will be virtually nonexistent by year’s end.

That being said, don’t stick all your eggs in the social networking basket, but take advantage of the forums while you still can. Look towards the future and keep alert for the ‘next big thing’, whatever form it takes.

Curtis: I predict that I will still not have a twitter account in twenty-ten.

Jay: I predict that 60% of you will get a Facebook friend request from your Mom or Dad that will leave you feeling conflicted.

Devon: I predict that the biggest Hollywood blockbuster in 2010 will be a remake of the popular 80’s television series Charles In Charge. Starring Brad Pitt.

Brian: I predict that 4O1! will consume a total of 373 pounds of burritos throughout the year!

Liz: Predictions are stupid.

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