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Splash – A Collaborative Website Project for Amerock

posted by: Weidenhammer Creative on September 3, 2015

Splash – A Collaborative Website Project for Amerock

posted by: Weidenhammer Creative on September 3, 2015

An Exciting e-Commerce Website for Amerock

Amerock, one of the leading manufacturers of kitchen hardware and supplier of products to big-box home improvement retailers throughout North America, likely is part of your home or apartment without you being aware. After all, when you think of knobs and pulls – the functional metal attachments for your kitchen cabinets and drawers, color doesn’t usually come into play. You think antique or contemporary, ornate or spartan. Many of us have brushed nickel, chrome or brass and this has been good enough for the masses until now.

In the face of cost pressures and commoditization of their product niches, Amerock wanted to prove a point. They wanted to show the industry that they could innovate, that they could give their customers a new and exciting experience when selecting their knobs and pulls. Out of this desire, the Splash Project was born.

Pick A Color, Any Color

Splash by Amerock is a direct-to-consumer microsite which allows customers to experiment with not only knobs and pulls, but more importantly bright and vibrant colors. Website visitors can create a simulated drawer or cabinet door closely matching what they have in their kitchen and the innovative ability to visualize their color selection in real time. When they’ve found the look that’s right for them, they can place the order and have their custom colored hardware delivered right to their door.

The Splash project was made possible by a collaborative effort with Stiegler, Wells, Brunswick & Roth (swb&r), a marketing agency located in the Lehigh Valley. We were tasked with the feat of creative integration, development, and project management. It was our job to show the fully customized brand as your unique kitchen hardware solution.



While the bulk of the design was created thanks to swb&r, Weidenhammer Creative’s involvement in the design of the Splash site resulted in the color configuration interactive on the homepage. 

“We are pleased with the outcome of the Splash project design and think that the interactivity between the custom configurator and the visualizor are a unique feature highlighting the company’s offerings ,” said Curtis Johnson, Weidenhammer Creative’s Vice President of Creative Services and co-founder.


The design that was chosen has high-level interactive functionality. Our design and development team came together to envision and create an interactive feature on the homepage which allows the user to roll over color options to change the displayed knob color. This user-based site also allows you to interact with the visualizer, making for a custom experience. We built this functionality with the ability to see your custom selections on similar cabinetry to your desired project. The high-level visualizer allows you to change the wood stain, layout, and knob/pull placement on simulated cabinets. This helps takes the guesswork out of your selection.

This visualizer is integrated into the responsive framework. This transition is guided by prompts to alleviate any questions of how to utilize the customized experience on mobile.

Web Features


The Splash site is also user based which means your customized experience can be saved. This makes it much easier from an e-commerce standpoint. We integrated “favorite” abilities to save your customized options, to revisit at a later time. We customized the e-commerce portion to include coupon integration in addition to cart and store functionality.


Process Oriented

Customer purchases are sent to multiple dashboards, so that Amerock (the distributor), as well as the third-party powder coater (the customizer), has the ability to print shipping labels and track the package’s progress through customization, fulfillment, and shipping.



“This design was complex and we executed it elegantly. Figuring out how the design molds into responsive in such a customized site was a challenge that we accepted and the end result is something that we are all very proud of,” commented Devon Beck, Web Development Manager for Weidenhammer Creative.

About Amerock® Hardware

Amerock markets decorative hardware and functional hardware solutions that inspire coordinate and help express personal style. For the kitchen, bathroom and the rest of the home, with a variety of finishes and designs for all decorating tastes, Amerock is the ultimate, time-tested source for hardware needs. Founded in 1929, Amerock is headquartered in Mooresville, NC. For additional information on the company, visit the company website at www.amerock.com or call (800) 435-6959.


About Weidenhammer Creative

Weidenhammer Creative is a dynamic marketing agency composed of artists, strategists, code monkeys and typeface junkies, all blended into the perfect formula of marketing awesomeness. Viewing each project as their next masterpiece, Weidenhammer Creative designs, builds and expands inspiring brands. As part of Weidenhammer Systems Corporation, a software development firm with over 35 years of experience, their strategic planning, design sensibilities and custom programming capabilities offer world class marketing and commerce solutions. Learn more at weidenhammercreative.com or follow us on Facebook, Twitter, or LinkedIn.

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