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posted by: Curtis Johnson on March 7, 2011


posted by: Curtis Johnson on March 7, 2011

What is URBAN MADE?  Only the reIndustrialization of the Modern Metropolis of course!

4O1! recently helped our friend, Matt Tuerk from the Allentown Development Corporation, brand and develop artwork for a new initiative to promote repurposing of old urban factories and buildings for smaller manufacturers.  Or as they put it:

“Cities gave rise to industry, housed manufacturing in its prime, and watched as jobs left, first moving to rural areas and then out of the country entirely. In 2010, we believe that cities like Allentown will witness manufacturing and industry begin its return to the metropolis.”

Our artwork took inspiration from the sawtoothed roof of the old Mac assembly plant where the event was held and propaganda posters from the 1920’s (also see Shepard Fairey).  A clean and crisp version was utilized in a direct mailer and online newsletters. We also created a “vintage” version for alternative uses.

View both below:

4O1! Creative - Vintage


4O1! Creative - Clean


And you can bet that the website will be equally as sweet!

Stay tuned for more,

Team 4O1!

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