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Folding Boxes Never Looked So Good

posted by: Shaun on May 10, 2010

Folding Boxes Never Looked So Good

posted by: Shaun on May 10, 2010

For those of you who frequent the 4O1! Facebook page, you might notice we have a few regulars. One in particular – Patti Virtue – can be scene chatting and ‘liking’ up a storm – daily.  Who is this Patti Virtue you ask?

“Crazy Aunt Patti” as we affectionately call her, is one half of the ownership team at Perkisie Container – a local family owned and operated business; producing, you guessed it, containers.

While Perkesie Container may not be the largest or most glamorous company – their website isn’t indicative of that. But www.perkasiecontainer.com does give you a sense of family and attention to detail.  The viewer gets a glimpse into where their potential product is coming from – and the smiling faces working hard to ensure quality materials.

Patti and her husband Brad played host to resident photo guru Boca B! (a.k.a. Brian Wcislo) and his assistant for the Day – Liz Hunt, to capture images of the equipment, owners, and grounds.  All in all – Brian and Liz learned more than the needed to about boxes and Patti & Brad walked away with some pretty high quality shots of their company.

Perkesie Container also shattered the myth that your company has to be a fortune 500 company to look like one online. Great websites don’t have to cost a fortune! With high-resolution images and a history of both the company and the building that Perkesie Container occupies – Perkesie’s site is a brief intro to the people behind the containers, a luxury that the business world has only been given (or overlooked the benefits of) over the past ten years.

While cardboard boxes and making them may seem archaic to some, Perkesie Container was smart enough to know that the Internet is an epicenter to business and sales  – both of which can start and end on the web.

Note:  Thanks to our friends at Moxie House for the Penn Dutch icon!

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