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posted by: Amanda on August 21, 2013


posted by: Amanda on August 21, 2013

When you lead eastern Pennsylvania in sustainable design, construction and development, your website has to represent accordingly. So when Studio26 tasked 4O1! with the redesign of their site, we knew we had to showcase their portfolio in a way that was as sophisticated and alluring as the homes they build.

Studio 26 | Logo Refresh

Studio26 | Logo Refresh

Our friends at Studio26 were open to many possibilities for this project, allowing designers to utilize industry trends and ideas that would not fit into other client projects. The client was very trusting which resulted in a cutting edge design, complete with full wide scalable image parallax scrolling and an icon based navigation. We also polished the logo, making it cleaner and more visually appealing.

Studio 26 | Home Page

Studio26 | Home Page

The brand builds energy efficient quality homes with curb appeal and comfortable interior. It was important for us to highlight the beautiful work that they do with high-quality photographs that are showcased throughout the site and housed within the Gallery feature.

We wanted to make it simple for potential customers  to learn about this company, from their mission statement, to their process, to key features that make them unique.

Click here to check out Studio26’s website!

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