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Taking Aim at the Heart of the Valley

posted by: Jay on April 15, 2010

Taking Aim at the Heart of the Valley

posted by: Jay on April 15, 2010

It’s your friendly neighborhood graphic designer Jay Frankett (JF) signing on to tell you about what is new in the heart of the valley!

I wanted to make you all aware of this little blog that’s sprung up just in time for Spring – HEART OF STEELcity (www.HEARTOFSTEELcity.com).
Was that “sprung up” line cheesy? It’s my first day. Anyway!

Local go-getter and blogger Jaime Karpovich is doing everything in her power to make sure you’re aware of all the success local business owners are having. Within her first week or so of cutting the blog ribbon she’s already put together a handful of interesting posts. She’s taken us behind the scenes of a very decorated, or maybe decorative, Lehigh Valley native. She’s dissected and honored the efforts of entire communities who have spent countless hours making sure the Bethlehem Skate Plaza gets the attention it deserves. And she’s put it all together in a rather easy to read and digest blog format. I hear that’s very popular these days (cough). If you’re invested at all in the Lehigh Valley I’d encourage you to give her blog a read. And support her as much as she plans to support local business.

Here’s the jumping off point. Keep your head down and legs inside the cart.
HEART OF STEELcity on Facebook

Thus begins and possibly ends my blogging career??? You’ll just have to wait and see.

Signing off,
Jay Robert Frankett

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