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The Women of 4O1!

posted by: Sam on June 4, 2012

The Women of 4O1!

posted by: Sam on June 4, 2012

I was looking around the office last week and realized that our team has grown a ton in the past 6 months. What’s more, our numbers are almost equally comprised of men and women. When I first started working here, our freelance graphic designer Alli was the only woman working in the office, and she was in one or two days a week. Now, we are 6 men and 5 women strong, and things couldn’t be better.

First, we all get along famously. Second, we have 11 unique perspectives to offer our clients, as we all regularly contribute opinions or suggestions to the creative projects that come into our office. Third, the Nerf battles are becoming pretty epic.

So, without further ado, it is my pleasure to introduce to you my colleagues, my friends, the incredible women of 4O1! Creative!

Anja Gudic: Graphic Design Intern

Anja_1 -Alias: Angie
Area of Focus / Education: Illustration, Moore College of Art and Design, Philadelphia
Dream job as a kid: Archeologist. Tombs and artifacts sounded awesome!
Favorite craft: I love designing posters, and that’s where I feel the strongest. So far, working on a poster for our annual 4O1 day (this year, “802 Day”) has been a cool experience because it utilizes an aspect of my illustration.
Inspiration: I admire Katherine Hepburn personally for her attitude. She never gave a damn about what people thought of her and she was always a woman who knew how to talk her way around her male peers to get ahead of the game. Artistically, it would have to be Barbara Bradley. She was easily noted as the female counterpart to Norman Rockwell. Not only was she a great illustrator, but a mother and a teacher who shared her knowledge of rendering work that glorified the simplicities in life.

Jamie Lynn Berkowitz: Communications Assistant

Jamie_1 -Alias: Jammers
Area of Focus / Education: Communication Studies w/ Web Technology and Application minor, West Chester University of Pennsylvania
Dream job as a kid: in chronological order starting at age 2: singer, actor, voice-over for animated cartoons, paleontologist, writer.
Height: 5’7 (AND A HALF!)
Hometown: Allentown, PA. Born and raised!
Currently living: …my parent’s house…
Why 4O1!?: The people and what we do. We’re like one adorably dysfunctional family. Which is perfect for me because I was raised in one of those! Ha! But seriously, everyone here really cares about their job and it’s apparent that we want our product to be of the highest quality, not just for our name, but we want our clients to look good. We like happy clients. It seems very clear, at least to me, that at the end of the day, we’ve been most successful if we’ve achieved and surpassed our clients’ expectations.

Katherine Santee: Illustrator

Kate_1 -Alias: Kate
Area of Focus / Education: Communication Design, Kutztown University class of 2010
Dream job as a kid: Either a rock star or a Disney animator
Moonlighting: I draw caricatures at Dorney Park and occasionally at independent party gigs. Sometimes I do freelance graphic design.
Inspiration: I really admire the cartoonist Kate Beaton, not just because of her art and humor, but because of her genuine passion for the subjects of her comics.
Why 4O1!?:  I get to work in an amazing environment with a bunch of talented people who bring out the best in each other to make each project work. This is also the only job I’ve had where I received a company Nerf gun!

Allison Kratzer: Graphic Artist

Alli_1 -Alias: Alli, Alabaster
Area of Focus / Education: Graphic Design, Susquehanna University
Dream job as a kid: Spice Girl
Favorite craft: I always have fun working on any project for ArtsQuest. Designing logos and posters for music festivals doesn’t feel like work. You can be really creative and design “out of the box”.
Inspiration: My Mom, she’s a really amazing artist and I caught the “art bug” from her. Georgia O’Keeffe and Tamara de Lempicka .. love their unmistakable, unique styles. Their work looks so different from other artists of their day but it’s still feminine and beautiful.
Why 4O1!?:  I love the laid back and creative atmosphere, everybody has a great attitude and sense of humor. This place has really grown since I started here and we’ve taken on so many new clients and cool projects.  I learn something new every day working at 4O1!

Samantha Buker: Communications Director

Sam_1 -Alias: Sam Bee, Big Tex
Area of Focus / Education: Communications, Cedar Crest College Class of 2011
Dream job as a kid: Professional Karaoke Singer
Favorite project: Keepin’ it Kutztown… our whole team had a hand in the design and implementation of a marketing campaign and website for Kutztown. Everyone had a chance to be creative on this piece, I did a whole lot more than push papers and it felt great!
Inspiration: My mom has been a huge influence on me, she taught me how to be a strong and ethical woman in a working world and was always accepting of the occasional purple streak of hair or ripped up Metallica tee.
Why 4O1!?: It just works. We deliver great services that we all believe in. And we excel because we’re happy here… Happy to grow and create together, happy to play wiffle ball in the yard on a sunny afternoon, and happy that we’re appreciated by each other and our hard work is rewarded by happy clients and trips to the park.

There you have it- the ladies of the office. Yet we won’t stop there! The wives of 4O1! have shown countless support throughout the years and play as big of a role in the turning cogs of 4O1! outside of the office as the ladies inside the office. A big and hearty gulp of gratitude goes out to Tara Johnson, Lauren Beck, and Brooke Carlson (who, in three months, will be a Koelle!). Thanks for being the rock stars that you are!

Keep looking for exciting projects and articles from the women of 4O1!! Are the women in your offices up to anything exciting? Let us know!

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