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Manager of Client Relations

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The Power of Spontaneous Social Posting

posted by: Corrin Magditch on July 1, 2015

The Power of Spontaneous Social Posting

posted by: Corrin Magditch on July 1, 2015

Scheduled social media posting is great. In fact, it’s key in developing a social media plan. But, spontaneous posting is still important, and often times is what will get you the sort of big response you need. Viral videos and posts are rarely planned. Our friends at Velaspan are the perfect example.

Yesterday, inclement weather tore through the Lehigh Valley, shutting down roads, turning off power, and causing general mayhem. What started as wind, turned to rain, then hail, as a funnel cloud tried to form above our office in Allentown. Although I chose to stay in the safety of our office, many of my coworkers were outside capturing the activity in the form of photos and videos on their phones. Tags such as #tornado and #storm were trending locally on Facebook and Twitter accounts. Once I was able to get my computer back up, my news feed was filled with videos of other people’s experiences in the Valley.

We have been working with Velaspan through their re-branding and transition into their new office in Allentown. Our conversation as of late has been heavily focused on social media strategy, and the importance of diversity in posting. Ideally companies can strike a  balance of scheduled and diverse content. The storm yesterday is a prime example of successful spontaneous posting – taking advantage of unforeseen opportunities as they present themselves.

Many of you have already seen the locally viral storm video that Velaspan posted to their Facebook page.

Crazy weather here in Bethlehem! Nothing like a tornado warning to disrupt office productivity! Credit to James Miller

Posted by Velaspan on Tuesday, June 30, 2015

At the moment in which I am writing this, the video has a reach of over 60,000 people and has been shared almost 400 times. Close to 12,000 people viewed the video over 23,000 times. The comment section of the post is littered with tagged names, adding to the ever-growing reach. Within 17 hours, Velaspan’s following increased over 6%.

This example just goes to show that you can’t plan for everything, and it is the unplanned that may result in the highest ROI (Return on Investment). Congratulations to the team at Velaspan for their social media success.

For more information on social media strategy contact Jeremy Jones, Manager of Client Relations, at [email protected].

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