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Time for Timeline, Take 2

posted by: Sam on May 1, 2013

Time for Timeline, Take 2

posted by: Sam on May 1, 2013

It’s no secret that 4O1!’s favorite month is April… We celebrate 4O1! Day, we get to start taking walks in the sun on our lunch hour, and if we’ve been good we might even get a tax return! Last year on April 1st Facebook took us for a ride and introduced mandatory cover photos and Timeline implementation for all “like” or business pages.

This affected many of our clients, who had to scramble to get an appropriate image sized accordingly – not a common size, mind you – and up on their Facebook page in order to avoid looking unsavvy. While we were helping our clients prepare for this switch-up, we thought it would be cool to take Facebook’s challenge to the next level. We asked “Can we design and deliver a unique image for each day of the month of April?” The answer was, and still is, yes!

Zombie Astronauts -

“Zombie Astronauts” by Ryan Lynn

Ryan’s favorite self-designed timeline image was “Zombie Astronauts” because “it was fun to create things that don’t translate a lot with client work. Like Astronaut Zombies. Very few clients ask for Astronaut Zombies.”

50ft_woman -

“Attack of the 50ft Woman” from a 2012 company-wide project

Art Director Curtis Johnson credits John Weidenhammer, the President and CEO of  Weidenhammer Systems Corporation (4O1!’s parent company) with giving us the opportunity to spend some time on this creative endeavor this year – in fact, our whole team thanks John for this, because we all love working on this project.

Gaming_Cover -

“Playin’ Video Games” by Shaun Crump

I loved Shaun’s pixel version of our team so much that I asked him to prep a version for my social profiles… And I will now only answer to “CPU Sam” when in the office.

thank_you -

“Steel Stacks of Bethlehem Steel” from a live digital painting by Anja Gudic

We’ve just completed our second run of 30 Days of Timeline, the third of our Timeline campaigns. Let us know what you think here in the comments, then visit our website for the full catalog.

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