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Weidenhammer Delivers a Sweet Treat for Gertrude Hawk Chocolates

posted by: Emily on May 26, 2017

Weidenhammer Delivers a Sweet Treat for Gertrude Hawk Chocolates

posted by: Emily on May 26, 2017

In a campaign that combined video, design, and digital marketing, Weidenhammer Creative partnered with Gertrude Hawk chocolates for a seasonal Easter promotion centered around their signature Bunny Smidgens. The injection-molded candies shaped like tiny rabbits are one of their best sellers, but the campaign helped them create additional attention to them and the rest of their specialty Easter themed products. The creative team launched a several-weeks long digital marketing campaign targeting key consumer demographics to help Gertrude Hawk meet and exceed their goals.

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Elements of the campaign included targeted ads for Facebook and Youtube, which would appear to a specially targeted group of users. Our digital marketing manager, Andrew Woodward, coordinated the demographic information, the styling, and timing of the ads to maximum conversions and keep customers engaged. To complement this, the ads ran alongside a custom landing page that featured stylized custom imagery and a shopper-friendly layout that enticed customers to explore Easter offerings. The centerpiece of the campaign and landing page was an integrated custom ‘commercial’ style video.



The video, featuring a custom-made puppet and the products themselves, tied together the overarching theme of the campaign; “With Gertrude Hawk Bunny Smidgens, Any Bunny Can Make Easter Great.” The video, shot in 4K for highest quality footage of the products, centered on an exasperated Easter Bunny, struggling to put together an Easter Basket. The bunny drops eggs, gets tangled in the grass, and can’t manage to get any of the Smidgens in the basket. Then, voila! The Bunny Smidgens seem to save the day, and in the last shot it shows a perfect Easter basket, accompanied with the tagline, suggesting that the Smidgens were all it took. The video was crafted entirely by Weidenhammer, from early concepts, to scripting and final edits.


            “This was one of my favorite projects I’ve gotten to be a part of since starting at Weidenhammer, said project manager, Emily Poché. “We also got to flex our creative muscles across the board, using video, digital marketing, and design to help our client. Plus, it was so much fun to get to play with chocolate during the video shoot.”

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