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Jeremy Jones
Manager of Client Relations

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Working (and eating) with 4O1! Creative…

posted by: Sam on August 4, 2011

Working (and eating) with 4O1! Creative…

posted by: Sam on August 4, 2011

My first two weeks at 4O1! Creative were pretty awesome. I was supposed to work one day a week for a while to see how things worked out, but I got along with everyone and made some jokes that resonated with the dude-vibe in the office.  I’m pretty sure that’s why they immediately bumped me to a couple days a week. I was excited for two reasons: having a sweet gig with friendly people where I get to do what I love (communicate!) daily, and the prospect of eating lunch at area restaurants instead of in my kitchen.

I was happy to find that the office is in Allentown, which is only 20 minutes from where I live, 2 minutes from my alma mater, and smack dab in the middle of a ton of places to get good grub. It’s super-close to Wegmans, which is my favorite grocery store ever, and I’ve lived in four states so it’s kind of a big deal.  A salad from their bar after a client meeting powered my first day on the job.

So after a lengthy discussion of availability; “What are you doing tomorrow?” “Working here?” I happily came back to the office the following day.  That day was team building at Burrito Grille day. It was a good day. I had a delicious plate of chicken tacos, chips and salsa. I also had a client meeting.

The second week I came in Tuesday, and we had Brewworks on the Green for another team-building lunch. The special that day was a deep-fried taquito, but I had a fried haddock sammich.  I kind of wish I had ordered the taquito for bragging rights, but my sammich was very tasty. There was also a client meeting.

Wednesday of that week we had a half-team-building session over a turkey-ranch wrap from Cetronia Deli, which is hidden away a block behind our office.  It feels like it’s our own personal lunch shop.  My turkey wrap was fresh and delicious. No client meetings, so I got to dress down like the computer dudes. This was also the first day I was struck with a Nerf projectile.

As you can tell, I really enjoy food. But we did so much more than eat these two weeks.  My official title is Communications Director, and I live up to that name.  I’ve been thinking of new and innovative ways for 4O1! to reach out to clients, share relevant information, and let them know that we do so much more than web design.  I’ve also been brainstorming ideas for sharing our projects with the community and using them to strengthen bonds within that community.

So stay tuned, because I’ll be doing a whole lot more than tweeting and writing press releases. And I plan to get the biggest Nerf gun this office has ever seen!

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