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Your Voice, Your Valley

posted by: Curtis Johnson on February 13, 2010

Your Voice, Your Valley

posted by: Curtis Johnson on February 13, 2010

When Margaret McConnel of Lehigh Valley Economic Development Corporation (Hi Margaret!) started an initiative to bring young professionals in the Valley together she turned to 4O1! for some branding and design assistance.

Their goal:

“Boost Innovation and Talent – Hold a forum of Lehigh Valley Young Professionals to learn how LVEDC can enhance the Lehigh Valley brand internally and externally to attract and retain talent: promote the quality of life in the Lehigh Valley that is attractive to young professionals, and develop new initiatives that will continue to attract and retain YPs.”

Our answer: Your Voice, Your Valley

4O1! helped develop a email campaign, fresh with custom photography, that helped to promote the 2009 YP Forum at the Coca Cola Park. The forum was a start but the initiative is ongoing. Follow Margaret in her efforts through their twitter account (skin by 4O1!): twitter.com/ValleyYPs

Below are some imagery used in the email campaign.

Fun Fact 1: What’s a “young professional” or “YP”? Technically, for this event it’s anyone who lives and/or works in the Lehigh Valley and is from the Generation X (born between 1961 and 1981)and Millennials (born between 1982-2003).

Fun Fact 2: Discarded Brand Name – Dudes and Dudettes Who Live in a Cool Place called the LV

Fun Fact 3: Fun Fact 2 was just a joke. ; )

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